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The Tisambe are one of the oldest cultures in Orisha.

Tisambe artisans employ gemstones of every variety. These stones are carved and polished to perfection, and so much attention is lavished upon them that the items the stones are embedded in are sometimes neglected.

In the realm of performing arts, choral music hold precedence. Tisambe choirs are often accompanied by drums or flutes, and are of unearthly beauty.

The most notable ritual of the Tisambe is the wedding. Weddings are sometimes planned years in advance, and are elaborate celebrations lasting for as long as a week. Poorer families sometimes pool their resources together and hold mass weddings. The Tisambe are the only orisha culture to practice polyandry (a single woman being married to multiple men).

Tisamban clothing tends to be plain and utilitarian, with the kitenge being a favorite choice of dress. They rarely decorate their clothing, though a small amount of embroidery is considered acceptable.

The Tisambans eat an incredible amount of rice, fish, and soup. Though nourishing, their cuisine is considered amongst the blandest on the continent.

The Tisambans are renowned for archery, especially their use of long bows and great bows. In hand to hand combat, they typically resort to short swords, though the most famous of all Tisamban warriors, the Nibomay, use razor swords instead.


As might be expected from their matriarchal society, the Tisambe tend to honor female ancestors and spirits as opposed to male ones.


Tisambe defer decision making to women who have passed child-bearing age. They tend to ignore advice or commands from others as 'lacking in wisdom'. The Tisambe are a very self-reliant people, and individuals don't involve themselves in politics very often.





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