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The Tuslan excel at the visual arts, especially painting. Paintings are typically made on animal hides, tree bark, or papyrus sheets, and often have religious or magical significance. Tuslan have also been known to paint on cave walls, and caves feature prominently in many Tuslani rituals.

The Tuslan consider themselves the most beautiful people in the world. The most important Tuslani ritual is a yearly dance in which the men show off their beauty and try to convince women to bear their children. It is considered acceptable to take new partners every year, and though the Tuslan have marriage ceremonies, few undergo the process.

Most Tuslan wear loincloths, with both men and women going topless. When amongst others, they will wear the kitenge common to the tisambe people.
Tuslan men wear ear, nose, eyebrow, and sometimes even lip jewelry. Rather than using precious metals for their decorations, they use natural material such as wood, stone, and especially bone. Tuslan women wear necklaces, bracelets, and anklets made from natural materials including wood, stone, and especially amber.

The Tuslan are strict vegetarians. They are not opposed to killing animals, but they will not eat them. They do very little cooking and eat most of their fruits and vegetables fresh. However, as a group, the Tuslan seem to have a weakness for palm wine.

In keeping with their druidic natures, the Tuslan use weapons with no metal components, including all-wood clubs, bows, and spears. They are known as expert trackers, and most Tuslan children begin their education by learning to track ants or other small insects.


Most Tuslan live in a tribal system, where all tribe members are related and led by a male warrior, assisted by a female bangu (druid). There are seven major tribes amongst the Tuslan, each named after an ancestor. They are the Anesu, the Daya, the Nyasha, the Kokayi, the Moyo, the Rufaro, and the Sifiye.






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