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To speak to a superior with one's hands in one's pockets or arms folded across the chest is disrespectful. It is important to establish eye contact a few times (but not constantly) during a conversation. Facial expressions are reserved. Smiling at strangers is rare and viewed as flirtatious. Approval is expressed by nodding the head. Women expect some chivalry from men, perhaps moreso than in other areas of Sclavini. The tradition of hospitality is kept, though it is considered polite for guests to bring a gift. Flowers from a guest are always odd numbers, an even number of flowers is reserved for romantic intentions.

Valeriu consider themselves a merry people, prone to singing and dancing. They appreciate openness and wit, as well as humor. Individualism is also valued. Friendships play an important role for most Valeriu, and neighbors are generally supportive of each other. The elderly are treated with love and respect. It is a common practice for parents to support children until they reach adulthood and even after they are married. In turn, children care for aging parents when it becomes necessary. Weddings traditionally last three days, during which is is the common practice for relatives and friends of the couples to shout encouragement and suggestions in the direction of the new couple's bedroom. It is considered extremely good luck for red flowers to grow in the yard of a newlywed couple, and generally the female relatives of the wife take great pains to ensure such are found. It is however, considered unlucky to get caught doing the planting. At some point the bride must be “stolen.” The successful thieves “demand” a ransom for her return, usually in the form of vodka.

When someone dies, the family covers the mirrors in the home with linen. Relatives and friends follow the coffin, along with a minstrel or band. After the funeral procession and ceremony, mourners return to the family home for a wake, where refreshments are served. A small glass of vodka with a piece of bread on top is traditionally put out for the deceased. The glass remains in place until the liquid has evaporated. Small wakes are also held nine days and forty days after a death.

The most traditional item of clothing, called a vyshyvanka, is a shirt or blouse embroidered in one of several regional patterns, which have not changed for centuries.

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Valeriu is known worldwide for the delicate art of egg painting, called pysanka.




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Population: 9,675
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: True Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 7,252,500
Mixed; Humans: 7,643; Dwarves: 870; Elves: 483; Halflings: 290; Gnomes: 193; Half-Elves: 96; Half-Orcs: 96; Others: 4


Population: 3,554
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: True Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 532,500
Mixed; Humans: 2,807; Dwarves: 319; Elves: 177; Halflings: 106; Gnomes: 71; Half-Elves: 35; Half-Orcs: 35; Others: 4


Population: 1,943
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: True Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 77,600
Mixed; Humans: 1,534; Dwarves: 174; Elves: 97; Halflings: 58; Gnomes: 38; Half-Elves: 19; Half-Orcs: 19; Others: 4

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