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Xon'mo are a people dominated by fire priests and a devotion to the element of fire.

The Xon'mo live in one of the more temperate regions of Orisha, and wear heavier clothing than other peoples. Most wear a kitenge tunic in a neutral grey color. Over these tunics they wear heavy cloaks in fire-bright colors such as red, orange, or yellow

Xon'mo foods are heavily spiced. Most commoners eat stews, usually made with fish or chicken. In addition, sorghum bread is an important part of the Xon'mo diet.

As might be expected, the favorite weapon of the flame-loving Xon'mo is alchemist's fire. They also make use of flaming arrows and crossbow bolts. In melee combat, most Xon'mo fight with war axes.


The Xon'mo are a practical people, but they do have a number of unusual rituals, most of which relate to fire.

The ritual of most importance in their society is that of initiation to adulthood, in which a youth must walk across a bed of hot coals. Similarly, when a Xon'mo dies, they are cremated in a special ceremony that others are not permitted to view. The Xon'mo are the only Orisha culture that does not allow either polygamy or polyandry.

According to Xon'mo legend, some of their ancestors interbred with fire elementals, and produced part-human, part-elemental offspring. As part of an ancient agreement, they promised the fire elementals to avoid plural marriages. Even though this happened in the distant past, some Xon'mo still have the element of fire in them. These individuals are said to have 'fire blood', and always have bright red hair. To have a child with fire blood is considered a great honor amongst the Xon'mo.


The Xon'mo observe a feudal theocracy controlled by Fire clerics. More powerful Xon'mo obtain oaths of fealty from others, and in exchange provide protection and land. However, any Xon'mo noble that deviates from his responsibilities should expect armed revolt in short order.


Xon'mo artisans travel throughout Orisha, selling exquisite textiles. The most popular item is the kente cloth. These cloth squares are either incorporated into clothing, or are used for various rituals.




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