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The Yasuo are extremely loyal to their families and believe in respecting their elders. They are a good natured people who live by the motto Mai Pen Rai, which characterizes a general feeling that life is to be enjoyed for the moment; problems and setbacks should not be taken too seriously. A loss of face or public embarrassment is taken seriously, however. Yasuo are a reserved people and usually consider criticism of others to be in poor taste. Speaking loudly or showing anger in public is offensive and may cause one to lose another's respect. Social status is measured by education, occupation, wealth, and, to some degree, family name. Healers and artisans, for example, are highly respected. Cleverness is admired, and personal connections are seen as an important means of achieving wealth.
Women wear a simple blouse, a wraparound skirt known as a sarong or pa thung, and sandals. Men wear a variant on the wrap-around skirt known as a pa kao ma. Elaborate headdresses are worn on special occasions.
It is considered a grave insult not to return a greeting, unless one is a monk, and then one is never to return the greeting. It is considered polite to keep the level of your head below that of your social superiors. Yasuo pride themselves on their hospitality.
Polygamy is not uncommon, and men of greater status often have multiple wives.


All young men are expected to study at a monastery for 3 months when they reach adulthood. Monks are forbidden to own anything, and rely on the kindness of villagers to provide them with food and drink. In return, the monks act as teachers to the populace and handle religious rites, such as tending to the graves of venerated ancestors. One does not stand directly in front of a monk. Women cannot be monks or even touch monks, and they are also forbidden to touch shrines.
Visitors to a wat (temple) do not step on the doorsill, as tradition holds that a soul resides there.


Yasuo still address their local rulers as the King and Queen, in spite of the fact they are arguably answerable to the Empire. The King and Queen are held in high regard, and insults to them are taken personally by most Yasuo. It is illegal to say or write anything offensive about royalty.


Yasuo is rich in copper and tin, and thus most of it's items are bronze. It also has some gold and gemstone mines. In addition, it is a coastal nation, and makes a good living from the sea.




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Population: 7,314
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 5,482,500
Humans: 7,021; Goliaths: 146; Dwarves: 73; Others: 74


Population: 18,666
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 40,000; Ready Cash: 37,320,000
Humans: 17,919; Goliaths: 373; Dwarves: 186; Others: 188


Population: 44,676
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 223,350,000
Humans: 42,888; Goliaths: 893; Dwarves: 446; Others: 449


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