Gnome Crafts

The Flamer

A wooden, steel and brass device fitted with projection gun, a hose some 5ft long and a reinforced tank of compressed natural gas (the tank is some 1 ½ ft in diameter and 3ft long). The weapon is fully insulated to protect the gas tank from external heat and concussion.
The flamer contains thirty (30) units of fuel, and consumes 1 unit of fuel per 10ft projected (the device can be set to fire in 10ft range increments, to a maximum range of 60ft, it is a move-equivalent action to set or change the range setting, a switch on the projection gun). After it’s gas is exhausted, it requires a refill at SkyGnome.
The weapon produces a cone of blue-orange fire some 10ft – 60ft in area, it is a full-round action to fire the device (the user holds down a lever to release the gas, whilst a trigger activates a piece of flint to ignite it).
The weapon inflicts 4d6 damage on anyone within range (Reflex save DC 10 + users Dexterity modifier for half damage).
A Flamer weighs 50lb loaded, 30lb empty (10lb for gun, the remainder in the tank), and may be magically enhanced to give it a magical enhancement (which adds to the weapons save DC and makes the flame magical in nature).
Cost (non-magic): 2000gp.
Spare gas tanks are also available (filled) at 250gp each. It requires two full-round actions to replace a gas tank, and attracts AoO’s.
Note: Each time the flamer is used, the firer has a 1% chance of suffering a catastrophic weapon failure. On such an occasion, the flame is drawn back into the weapon and ignites the contents of the gas tank, causing it to rupture and explode. All within 10ft per remaining fuel unit suffer 10d6 points of piercing, slashing, bludgeoning and fire damage (a successful DC 20 reflex save halves this damage, although the wearer of the gas tank automatically fails this saving throw).
An Exotic Weapon Proficiency Feat (Flamer) is required to use this weapon; otherwise targets get a +4 bonus to their Reflex save.

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