Gnomish District

Council Members

Lady Scilla of Talin (Gnome Artificer)


The Engineer's Inn

Located next to the lighthouse, this inn is quite popular with gnomes. Dwarves and Halflings may be able to find accommodations here, but taller folk may have some difficulty. Regardless, there are some willing to brave the discomfort of short ceilings and small chairs in order to experience the latest creations of the Gnomish Brewmaster’s Guild.

The Elixir and Cup

The Sword and Potion


Abopakoyexapoqi All Things Shoppe

Bladesmith’s Guild

Bold Brazier’s - Brassworkers

Goldsmith’s Guild

Jeweler’s Guild

Lavish Latoner’s - Bronzeworkers

Locksmith’s Guild

Novobitupur's Firearms

Shortbows and Crossbows

The Burnished Blacksmith

The Clock-work Guild

The Glass Guild

Wondrous Weavers

Other Places of Interest

Healer's Guild

The Glorious Guildhall – temple

The Minter’s Guild – makers of coins

The Lighthouse

People of Interest

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