The Acquisitor, Hoardmistress

Lesser Deity
Wealth, Status, Acquisition

Symbol: A twelve-faceted gem
Domains: Dragon*, Protection, Wealth* (Cavern, Metal)
Favored Weapon: Scimitar (claw)

Astilabor represents the natural draconic desire to acquire treasure and power. She dislikes the naked greed displayed by Tiamat and her followers.



Astilabor values wealth and power, but without any stigma of greed. She instills in dragonkind the innate need for collecting and protecting the hoard. She claims that she cannot abide thievery of any kind from her worshipers, but often turns a blind eye if such acts are performed in the name of building one’s hoard.


Astilabor accepts only clerics with a neutral aspect to their alignments, the better to remain pure to the goal of acquiring and protecting the hoard. Her clerics prefer not to get involved in conflicts between dragons, but often reward those whose hoards become large and valuable. Astilabor is revered by dragons of all types and alignments, but actively worshiped by few. Most at least scratch out her symbol as a protective ward over their hoards.



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