Minerva, Tritogeneia, Pallas

Greater Diety
Lawful Good
Wisdom, Crafts, Civilization, War

Symbol: An Owl
Domains: Artifice, Community, Good, Knowledge, Law, War
Favored Weapon: Shortspear


She appears as a statuesque woman with fetching gray eyes, carrying a shield and wearing a helmet and armor. Often she is depicted with a serpent or owl companion.


Athena expects her followers to uphold the highest ideals of wisdom, reason, and purity. She also expects her followers to fight in defense of home and state against outside enemies, and to be skilled in the arts of peace as well as war.


Temples to Athena are always stately and aesthetically pleasing, even when they must be fortified against threats.


Athena is the daughter of Zeus alone, born of no mother. She came from the mind of Zeus after Hephaestus used his axe to split Zeus's skull to relieve a headache. She sprang into the world fully grown, armed, and armored. The people of Makarios credit her with inventing the olive tree, weaving, the potter's wheel, horse bridles, and many other items.

Faiths of Makarios
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