The Jester, The Keeper of Tales

Lesser Diety
Chaotic good
Humor, storytelling, inspiration

Symbol:An open book
Domains: Chaos, Dragon*, Good, Trickery (Rune)
Favored Weapon: Short sword (claw)


Hlal is a sleek, copper-colored dragon with a ready grin and a happy glint in her eye. Of the dragon gods, she is the most friendly to nondragons (even Aasterinian enjoys a reputation of playful danger).


Hlal enjoys sharing stories and songs with those who appreciate such things, regardless of the listener’s race or background. She has little use for tyrants—even well-meaning ones—and even less patience for cruelty or bullying. She teaches that one must be free of restraint, whether real or psychological, in order to freely express one’s opinions.


Hlal’s clerics are often multiclass cleric/bards, using music, poetry, and tall tales to spread the faith. Places of worship to Hlal are usually simple shrines, which can be packed up and moved to the next town or dragon lair at a moment’s notice.



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