Scale of Justice, The Balancer, Weigher of Lives

Lesser Deity
Lawful neutral
Balance, justice

Symbol:Sword balanced on a needle’s point
Domains: Destruction, Dragon*, Law, Protection (Retribution)
Favored Weapon: Longsword (claw)

Unlike Chronepsis, who judges the life of a dragon only after its death, Lendys metes out justice during a dragon’s life.


His scales are a tarnished silver, some say because he cares more about judging others than tending to himself.


Lendys is the arbiter of dragonkind, serving as judge, jury, and executioner alike. When a dragon has committed an injustice against dragonkind, Lendys (or one of his trio of great wyrm silver dragons) is dispatched to deal out appropriate justice. Punishments are severe, and appeals unheard of.


The clerics and paladins of Lendys are justice-bringers as well, often serving as arbiters for local communities. In some cases, towns even rely on the local draconic worshiper of Lendys to parse out justice.



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