Halfling Myths

Clever Avathar

Avathar was a master rogue of a Halfling, said to have a heart of gold. He stole not for greed, but for the thrill. It was said that he could hide in an ant’s shadow.
His first legendary act of thievery was when he stole the Kabena Opal and replaced it with a forgery. The heavily armed and brutal mercenaries guarding the opal never even knew he was there. It was a full year before the theft was even discovered.
The local thieves’ guild tried to recruit Avathar, but he had no interest in joining. Finally, annoyed at their pestering, he challenged the most skilled and vocal among them to a contest. The challenge was simple, who could pull off the most daring heist? The challenger stole a valuable necklace from a museum. When he wen t to produce it though, to show his comrades, he pulled from his pocket a string of cheap wooden beads. A laughing Avathar produced the necklace.
A Halfling caravan once came to Avathar for help when an heirloom was stolen from their caravan by a group of bandits. Realizing the caravan was no match for the bandits, Avathar tricked the bandits into turning on each other and stole the heirloom back.

The Lucky Copper

Halflings have a legend of a magical coin. It supposedly grants it’s holder incredible luck, but seems to have a talent for falling out of pockets or being accidentally spent, only to be found at random by another Halfling. Many Halflings claim to have had the coin in their pocket for a day or two.

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