Book Item Effect Cost
M72 Arcanist's gloves 2/day +2 to caster level of next 1st-level arcane spell cast before end of turn 500 500
M83 Brute gauntlets 3 charges/day, bonuses on Str checks, Str-based skill checks, melee damage 500
M82 Brawler's gauntlets 3/day +2 on grapple checks and damage with unarmed strikes for 1 round 1,000
M107 Cloves of spell disruption Enhances ability to interrupt opponents' spells 1,000
M102 Gauntlets of energy transformation 3/day change energy type produced by any weapon you hold for 1 round 1,000
M120 Reach gauntlets 3/day expend 1 power point to extend melee reach by 5 ft. until end of turn 1,000
M113 Lightning gauntlets 3 charges/day, deal electricity damage to adjacent target 1,100
M62 Adamantine mind blade gauntlets Mind blade is granted powers akin to adamantine 2,000
M93 Devastation gauntlets 3 charges/day, bonus damage on critical hits 2,000
M101 Gauntlets of arrow reflection 3/day redirect ranged weapons toward attacker if you have Deflect Arrows 2,000
M103 Gauntlets of extended range Doubles range increment of thrown weapons and objects 2,000
M103 Gauntlets of giantfelling 3/day gain bonus on next damage roll against creature larger than you 2,000
M104 Gauntlets of throwing 3/day grant melee weapon throwing and returning abilities 2,000
M105 Gloves of fortunate striking 1/day reroll 1 attack roll 2,000
M204 Gloves of the starry sky Emits light, 3/day magic missile (raiment of the four) 2,000
M106 Gloves of lightning 3/day ranged touch attack dealing 1d8+5 points of electricity damage 2,200
M105 Gloves of agile striking 2/day +1d6 damage with ranged and light weapons, +2d6 during skirmish attacks 2,300
M121 Repelling gauntlets 1/day repel and halt an enemy moving into a square adjacent to you 2,500
M105 Gloves of eldritch admixture 3 charges/day, bonus energy damage with eldritch blasts 3,000
M106 Gloves of manual prowess 3 charges/day, bonuses to some Dex-based skill checks 3,000
M107 Gloves of object reading Learn details of object's previous owner 3,000
M136 Soulsmite gauntlets Uninvest essentia for attack bonuses when using smite opposition 3,000
M107 Cloves of the uldra savant Create ray of frost at will; 3/day melee weapon gains frost property for 5 rounds 3,100
M111 Hellcat gauntlets 3/day next spell deals additional ld6 slashing damage per spell level 3,200
M100 Finned gauntlets Swim speed 30 ft., can always take 10 on Swim, can run while swimming 3,500
M144 True strike gauntlets 1/day +20 on next attack made before end of next turn 3,500
M121 Rending gauntlets Masterwork spiked gauntlets, 3/day gain rending effect 3,610
M216 Gauntlets of ghost fighting Ignore miss chance, +1d6 melee damage to incorporeal creatures (wraith's woe) 4,000
D257 Gauntlets of ogre power +2 enhancement bonus to Str 4,000
M103 Gauntlets of the talon Bahamut: Natural claw attacks plus relic powers 4,000
D257 Gloves of arrow snaring 2/day gain the benefit of the Snatch Arrows feat 4,000
D257 Gloves of Dexterity +2 +2 enhancement bonus to Dex 4,000
M203 Barbs of retribution 1/day force enemy to reroll save with penalty (instruments of the blood gift) 4,500
M102 Gauntlets of eldritch energy 3/day imbue eldritch blasts with specific energy type 5,000
M103 Gauntlets of lassitude 3/day melee touch attack with slow effect that lasts 5 rounds 5,000
M113 Ki straps +2 enhancement bonus to DC of Stunning Fist attacks 5,000
M101 Gauntlets of the blood-lord Hextor: +1 spiked gauntlets plus relic powers 5,120
M199 Claw gloves +7 punching daggers, extra benefits when you charge or Spring Attack (garb of the hunting cat) 5,604
M104 Gauntlets of weaponry arcane Weapons overcome damage reduction as silver weapons 6,000
M144 Toxic gloves 3/day imbue a melee weapon with poison effective on next attack 6,000
D257 Gloves of swimming and climbing +5 on Swim and Climb 6,250
M101 Gauntlets of the blazing arc 3/day create cone-shaped burst of flame that deals 4d4+4 fire damage 6,300
M101 Gauntlet of infinite blades Creates mundane dagger; 5 charges/day, creates magic daggers 6,500
M192 Gauntlets of destruction +2 to Str, 3/day treat attack as adamantine (armor of the watching master) 6,610
M194 Gloves of endless javelins Create temporary +1 javelins (array of the manticore) 7,000
M105 Gloves of flame Resistance to cold 5 and endure elements against cold; 5/day flame effects 7,000
M106 Gloves of incarnum theft Steal 1 point of essentia from target with unarmed melee touch attack 8,000
M105 Gloves of the balanced hand Fight as with Two-Weapon Fighting, additional bonuses for those with the feat 8,000
M116 Mesmerist's gloves 2/day affect one extra target with an enchantment spell of 3rd level or lower 8,000
M101 Gauntlet of Gruumsh +1 gauntlet, 3/day make melee touch attack to blind target for 1 hour 8,302
M95 Dragonfang gauntlets +2 enhancement bonus to Strength, various attack-based bonuses and effects 8,610
M104 Ghoul gauntlets 1/round make melee touch attack with paralysis effect 10,000
D257 Glove of storing Stores one item in stasis 10,000
M117 Mind blade gauntlet, lesser Mind blade manifests with a specific weapon property with price modifier +1 10,000
M139 Storm gauntlets +1 spiked gauntlets, resistance to electricity 5; 4 charges/day, various electricity-based effects 10,604
M103 Gauntlets of mindfire 1/day create cone of mindfire sickness 11,000
D257 Gauntlet of rust 1/day affect object as rusting grasp, wearer and gear protected from rust 11,500
M107 Gloves of the titan's grip 3/day +8 on grapple checks for 7 rounds 14,000
M112 Incarnum focus (gauntlets) +1 to essentia capacity of soulmelds occupying hands chakra 15,000
D257 Gloves of Dexterity +4 +4 enhancement bonus to Dex 16,000
M84 Casting glove Store item in stasis, can activate or consume stored item 20,000
M117 Mind blade gauntlet Mind blade manifests with a specific weapon property with price modifier +2 24,000
D257 Gloves of Dexterity +6 +6 enhancement bonus to Dex 36,000
M117 Mind blade gauntlet, greater Mind blade manifests with a specific weapon property with price modifier +3 42,000
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