Havel Clan Hot Spring

The Havel clan hot spring has a reputation for increasing the odds of conception after bathing in it's waters. To date, bottling has not worked, and has only upset the fire elemental that lives there. The summer climate is hot and muggy, making winter the most popular time for visits. Though certainly proven effective, there are a few other springs that claim the same benefits while being easier to reach, and tended to by other clans. The Havel Clan maintain numerous small cottages near the springs during the winter, and rent them out to the occasional visitors. During the summer, they tend to their large fields, with a variety of crops.
The sheer number of Havels in the area attest to the powers of the springs. Feliks Havel (acrobat and sometimes-adventurer) is the seventh son of a seventh son. His father and 6 uncles work the fields with his 6 older brothers and his 17 other male cousins.
The Havel women tend to the springs and the elemental, and on rare occasions have a knack for sorcery or elemental powers.

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(OOC: i see pretty much the entire clan being Commoner classed. We're rednecks. There's probably a shack or 3 devoted to the clan vodka works.)

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