Book Item Effect Cost
M147 Watch lamp Creates torchlike light at shoulder 500
M211 Burning veil Deal 1d6 fire damage to target damaged by your fire spell (seven veils) 1,000
D264 Phylactery of faithfulness Know if something could adversely affect your alignment or standing with deity 1,000
M72 Bear helm 1/day take half damage from one sneak attack or critical hit while raging 1,500
M110 Headband of the lorebinder +4 on bardic knowledge checks, 3/day read magic 1,600
D258 Hat of disguise Disguise self at will 1,800
M109 Headband of conscious effort 1/day make a Concentration check in place of a required Fortitude save 2,000
M111 Helm of battle 3/day +2 on next bull rush, disarm, overrun, sunder, or trip attempt 2,000
M208 Helm of tactics 3/day +1 to minor aura or allies deal +2 damage to flanked foes (regalia of the hero) 2,000
M87 Circlet of solace 3/day next healing spell also grants +5 on various saving throws for 1 minute 3,000
M97 Essentia helm 3 charges/day, temporarily adds essentia to essentia receptacles 3,000
M132 Scout's headband +2 on Spot; 3 charges/day, provides vision-based bonuses 3,400
D258 Headband of intellect +2 +2 enhancement bonus to Int 4,000
M87 Circlet of wild surging 3/day when using wild surge while manifesting a power, +1 to manifester level 4,200
D252 Circlet of persuasion +3 on Charisma-based checks 4,500
M11 Helm of the purple plume Heironeous: +2 enhancement bonus to Cha plus relic powers 4,500
M86 Circlet of mages +2 on Concentration; 3 charges/day, retain spell slots after casting 5,000
M111 Helm of gazes 3/day absorb gaze attack requiring a save 5,000
M119 Platinum helm Bahamut: Immunity to frightful presence of evil dragons plus relic powers 5,000
D259 Helm of comprehend languages and read magic Understand all languages and text, +5 on Decipher Script for incomplete messages 5,200
M111 Helm of glorious recovery 1/day heals 4d8+7 points of damage 5,600
M111 Helm of heroes 1/day use grant move action ability to grant allies melee attacks instead 5,600
M97 Executioner's hood Erythnul: Coup de grace as standard action plus relic powers 6,000
D252 Circlet of blasting, minor 1/day searing light 6,480
M193 Helm of wounding sight Light at will, 3/day 60-ft. blinding fire cone (armor of the watching master) 6,500
M118 Phoenix helm Low-light vision; 1/day each featherfall, resist energy, speak with animals (birds) 6,500
M215 Phylactery of virtue +2 bonus on some saves, 2/day death ward (vestments of divinity) 6,500
M114 Lore gem +2 on all Knowledge, acts as a spellbook with a capacity of 30 spell levels 7,500
M112 Horned helm Gain secondary gore attack dealing 1d8 damage + 1/2 Str bonus 8,000
M117 Mindvault 1/day immune to mind-affecting effects but dazed for 1 round 8,000
M209 Crown of flames +2 to Cha, 1/day fire shield for 5 rounds (regalia of the phoenix) 8,500
M194 Helm of the hunter +5 on Spot, Far Shot, 1/day vision bonuses for 4 hours (array of the manticore) 9,000
M71 Angelhelm Emulate certain traits of celestial beings 10,000
M99 Fiendhelm Emulate certain traits of evil extraplanar creatures 10,000
D264 Phylactery of undead turning Turn undead as if four levels higher 11,000
M109 Hat of anonymity +5 on Hide, under continuous nondetection effect 12,500
M75 Blindhelm Blindsense out to 5 ft., +5 bonus on saves against gaze attacks 15,000
M86 Circlet of rapid casting 3 charges/day, cast spells as swift actions 15,000
M112 Incarnum focus (circlet) +1 to essentia capacity of soulmelds occupying crown chakra 15,000
D258 Headband of intellect +4 +4 enhancement bonus to Int 16,000
M139 Surge crystal 5 charges/day, increase manifester level for next power manifested in round 18,000
M73 Beholder crown Create ray effects as a beholder 20,000
D252 Circlet of blasting, major 1/day maximized searing light 23,760
D259 Helm of underwater action See five times farther underwater, breathe underwater on command 24,000
D259 Helm of telepathy Detect thoughts at will, send telepathic messages, 1/day suggestion 27,000
D258 Headband of intellect +6 +6 enhancement bonus to Int 36,000
D259 Helm of teleportation 3/day teleport 73,500
D258 Helm of brilliance Create various energy- and light-based effects 125,000
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