Common Herbs

Find (spot or search) DC 12, Prep (herbalism) DC 12

Temperate regions

Bayberry stimulant, astringent
Bay Laurel (Daphne in Makarios) analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsive
Bearberry astringent, antiseptic
Betony prevents nightmares
Birch (bark) for skin complaints
Bistort for sore throat
Bog Myrtle (swamp) restorative, revives nerves, quickens the mind
Broom for perfume, inspires affection, lymph tonic, diuretic
Bugle very mild sedative, digestive
Burnet staunches bleeding, healing (+1d2 hp when applied to a wound within one turn)
Butterbur kidney and heart tonic
Catnip digestive, painkiller
Celandine wart remover
Centaury antiseptic, liver tonic
Horse Chestnut narcotic
Chickweed ulcers, anti-inflammatory
Chicory stimulant, the roasted and ground root is brewed and drunk as a pick-me-up
Cleavers cleansing, urinary tract, skin problems, lymph, glands
Coriander digestive, eases birth labour
Cornflower nervous disorders, eye ailments
Cowslip painkiller, sedative (mildly narcotic), calms nerves
Daisy circulation, complexion
Dandelion kidney, liver, circulation
Elder skin complaints, coughs & colds, burns
Elecampane chest congestion, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antifungal
Eyebright eyes
Feverfew women’s complaints, infertility
Foxglove (forest) calming, heart tonic, headaches, anti-inflammatory
Fumitory digestive, cleansing
Gentian antispasmodic, antidote for many plant-based poisons, purifies blood
Golden Rod wound herb (stops bleeding, +1d2 hp if applied to wound within one turn), fever, nausea
Hawthorn heart tonic
Hazel heart tonic, aphrodisiac
Heartsease heart, anti-convulsive, sedative
Heather soothes frayed nerves
Honeysuckle heart, cough & colds, sore throat, glands
Houseleek eye and ear-drops, bruises, warts, ringworm
Hyssop fever, blood pressure, clears chest, calms nerves, cleansing
Knapweed glandular disorders
Lavender calms nerves, coughs, anti-paralytic, headaches, anti-inflammatory, joints, muscle pain, digestive
Lily of the Valley brain, lymph, heart tonic
Linden stimulating, soothes dry coughs
Loosestrife sight, alertness
Lucerne (grassland, meadows) energy, indigestion
Mace digestive, circulation, warming
Maidenhair Fern forest heart & lungs, baldness
Marjoram stimulating (combats narcotic poisons)
Meadowsweet upset stomach, blood disorders
Mignonette gentle narcotic, headaches, frayed nerves
Mint digestive, appetite stimulant, invigorating, virility, libido
Nasturtium internal cleanser, blood disorders, digestive
Nettle circulation, melancholia, bronchitis
Oak purifying, important in Druidic preparations and rituals
Pimpernel eyes, jaundice, anti-inflammatory, freckles, melancholia
Poppy soothes sore throat, hay fever, asthma
Primrose mild narcotic, rheumatism, arthritis
Pulsatilla (Pasque Flower) stimulates nerves, respiration, digestive, antispasmodic
Raspberry women’s complaints, restorative
Red Clover cancer, headache, nausea, ulcers, glandular ailments, cleansing
Reed (marsh/swamp) lymph tonic
Rose heart & brain, women’s complaints, aphrodisiac, cleansing
Rosemary heart & liver, calms nerves, cramps, hair, skin
Sage coughs & colds, headache, fever, stops bleeding, memory, combats insanity
Sea Holly (coastal) calms nerves, liver, endocrine
Sea Kale (coastal) debility, dental decay, rheumatism, urinary tract
Sea Lavender (coastal) cooling, fever, arrests bleeding, wound herb (+1d2 hp if applied to wound within one turn)
Skullcap sedative, combats insanity, antispasmodic, eases withdrawal symptoms, infertility
Snowdrops warming, frostbite
Sorrel cooling, blood tonic, kidneys
Stinking Iris headache, migraines, antispasmodic
Strawberry cooling, fever, prevents hemorrhage, cools excessive ardor
Sundew “old folks herb” stimulates brain, arthritis, rheumatism
Tansy circulation, bruises
Thistle liver & blood, sluggishness
Tormentil astringent, healing
Vervain protection from demons, nervous disorders, liver, heart, spleen, mental strain, infectious diseases, depression, spiritually uplifting, aphrodisiac
Violet kidney stones, glands, tumors, boils, dissolves growths, calms nerves
Watercress (near/in rivers, streams) anaemia, worms, stiffness, cramps, swelling
Willow antiseptic, astringent, analgesic
Yellow Dock cleansing herb for toxic conditions
Cinnamon warming, digestive
Wild lettuce sedative, anxiety, muscle pain
Clove stops vomiting, antispasmodic
Fenugreek aphrodisiac, uterine stimulant, digestive, promotes milk flow
Hops male aphrodisiac, calms nerves, sedative
Horsetail (near rivers) wound herbs, stops bleeding, healing (+1d3 hp if applied to wound within one turn)
Nutmeg digestive, stops vomiting, appetite stimulant, antispasmodic
Pine (forest) (essential oil) circulation, decongestant, antiseptic
Witch Hazel astringent, complexion

Descriptions of these herbs are found here.

Agrimony Find DC 18
All Heale
Angelica Find DC 18
Anise Find DC 16
Arnica Find DC 18, also for circulation, frostbite, shock
Balm Find DC 16, also used in perfume
Barberry Find DC 18
Base Mullein also chest complaints, bleeding, pain, sedative
Basil Find DC 16, nausea, stimulate nerves (instead of listed uses)
Birthnot Find DC 18
Blackberry Find DC 16, listed uses for Blackberry, Black Rose, and Blackroot are mixed up
Borage Find DC 18, also for jaundice, organs, ringworm
Burdock also for circulation, blood tonic, diuretic
Cat’s Tail
Chamomile Find DC 18, also dissolves tumors, ulcers, worms, fatigue, revives
Chervil Find DC 18, also a brain stimulant and anti-depressant
Comfrey also used for eye injuries
Cow Parsnip
Dog Rose
Elvish Galingale Find DC 18, also used for male impotence (aka. natural male enhancement)
Falsifal Find DC 218
Fennel Find DC 18, also for rheumatism, cramps, memory and digestion
Garden Flax
Goat’s Rue also a stimulant and antispasmodic
Golden Lungwort
Hart’s Tongue Find DC 18, a common saying in some regions, “living on hart’s tongue,” implies the subject is lonely or in need of some sexual attention
Henbane also a narcotic
Mandrake virility, narcotic
Marigold also used to clear oily skin, astringent
Marsh Mallow Find DC 18, also for coughs and inflammation
Milkworte also to stimulate milk flow
Pattran Find DC 18
Pennyroyal Find DC 18
Rampalt Find DC 18
Ribwort Plantain Find DC 18, also respiratory, digestive, stings and wounds (raw leaves)
Rue Find DC 16, also potent against mental disorders
Sanicle also an anti-inflammatory
Scented Mayweed
Shepherd’s Purse
Tamariske Find DC 18
Tempin Find DC 18
Thorn Apple Find DC 18
Thyme Find DC 17, also for insanity and hysteria
Valerian also relaxing and euphoric, mind calming
White Byrony Find DC 18
Wolf’s Bane (both) Find DC 18
Wood Sorrel also for liver, blood and genital diseases
Yarrow Find DC 16, also for headaches, fever, influenza
Young Lad’s Love Find DC 18

Region Specific

For region-specific herbs, names in italics have descriptions given here.


Pallast Find DC 18


Athelas suggest giving this the use given for Basil (draws out poison from wounds)


Fo Ti menopause, creativity, sores
Dang Gui women’s complaints, circulation, liver
Wu Wei Zi aphrodisiac, relaxing, anxiety
Ginger warming, circulation, nausea, indigestion
Bai Zhi digestive, diuretic
Bu Gu Zhi astringent, antiseptic, can cause photosensitivity
Ginkgo circulation
Ginseng energy, lymph
Ju Hua anti-inflammatory, anitmicrobial
Lian Qiao antibacterial, circulation
Ling Zhi immune stimulant, calms nerves
Ma Huang fever, antispasmodic, diuretic
Nu Zhen Zi tonic, immunostimulant, diuretic
Shu Di Huang stops bleeding, soothing, blood tonic
Xin Yin Hua decongestant, antifungal, pain, anti-inflammatory
Ylang Ylang aphrodisiac, anti-depressant, sedative


Cornsilk diuretic, prostate
Saw Palmetto aphrodisiac, diuretic, sedative
Juniper Find DC 16
Golden Seal healing (external and internal), +1d4 hp
Black Cohosh muscle pains, antispasmodic
Echinacea infection, colds, kidney, stimulates immune system

Basira, Khepri, Orisha

Ashwagandha aphrodisiac, calms nerves, sedative
Buchu warming, urinary tract, kidneys
Camphor sedative, pain killer
Frankincense antiseptic, astringent
Myrrh antiseptic, antifungal, circulation, decongestant
Patchouli aphrodisiac, anti-depressant, sedative
Tea Tree antiseptic for skin
Adder’s Tongue
Bastit Find DC 18

Itotia, Vasant

Petiveria Find DC 18
Tephrosia Find DC 18
Gotu Kola cooling, calms nerves, sedative
Guarana stimulant, astringent
Orchid aphrodisiac
Papaya wounds (+1d3 hp if used on wound within 1 turn)
Passionflower sedative, painkiller, hypnotic
Sandalwood anti-depressant, antiseptic, decongestant
Thuja astringent, antimicrobial, muscle stimulant, anti-inflammatory
Wild Yam antispasmodic, digestive, reproduction


Damiana aphrodisiac, diuretic, calms nerves
Adder’s Tongue
Mulberry mild sedative, soothes nerves

Sclavini, Righnach, Falkor/Goblin Wilds

Coltsfoot also clears chest congestion, coughs, fever
Hare’s Ears
Mountain Garlic Find DC 18
Palma Eldath


Viper's Bugloss seeds decocted in wine lifts the spirits
Archangelica Find DC 18

Rare Herbs

A character needs 5 ranks in herbalism to know of these herbs and their uses. Descriptions for all of these can be found here, except for Nard.

Temperate regions

Bishop’s Weed
Black Rose
Calcena Mushroom
Cinquefoil also used as a sedative and painkiller
Deadly Nightshade
Dwarf Mallow
Lungwort also used to staunch bleeding and as an astringent
Nard a rare aromatic found at high elevations, said to heighten the senses - Find DC 25
Rose Campion
Serapias Turbith

Region Specific


Prince's Feather
Sweet Trefoil



Sclavini, Righnach, Falkor/Goblin Wilds

Lesser Centaury
Spring Adonis

Itotia, Vasant

Golden Crown
Land Caltrops
Teriko Weed

Basira, Khepri, Orisha





Tai Gi





Ridiculously Rare Herbs

To know about these requires either RP (e.g., talking to the right people - must have 5 ranks in herbalism to know what you are talking about) or 10 ranks in herbalism. Descriptions here.

Temperate Regions


Itotia, Vasant


Herbal Concoctions

Knowledge of these preparations requires 2 ranks in herbalism.


Diod Anfarwoldeb – “Drought of Immortality” – Druids
Infusion of chervil, heather, honesuckle, red clover, and vervain. Take one tablespoonful morn and night.

Aurum Potabile Paraclesi – reviving (virility) – Makarios
Infusion of marigold, rosemary, sundew, rock rose. Take one cupful on rising in the morning.

Aqua Mirabilis – restore vigor (virility) – Amareth
Grind finely: cinnamon, galingale root, ginger, thyme, rosemary, nutmeg. Steep ground herbs in claret for one week, strain and take one cup per day.

Celestial Potion – youth conserving (virility) – Righnach
Infusion of lily of the valley, loosestrife, marjoram, and vervain. Take one cupful each day.

Elixir Vitae – longevity – Amareth
Take one glass daily in wine: calomel (a mineral similar to salt), gentian, cinnamon, anise-seed, mace.

Nerve Nostrum – nervous debility – Druids
Infusion of balm or lily of the valley, lavender or periwinkle, skullcap, valerian. Take 2 tablespoon full each day.

Sleepsound – gentle, non-addictive sedative
Infusion of primrose or cowslip leaves, heather, wild lettuce. Take ½ cupful before bed. Sweet dreams are assured if you sleep on a pillow stuffed with lavender, mint, sage and dill. Sleeping on a pillow full of hops also helps to combat insomnia.

Lemnos Water – insomnia – Makarios
Infusion of mulberry leaves, cowslip, mullein or mignonette. Take one wineglassful before bed.

Invisibility Lotion – makes you invisible to evil spirits – Sclavini
Mix together ground hemlock, poplar leaves, juice of wolf’s bane and soot. Smear on the body. Lasts until it is washed or worn off (typically 8 hours).

Water of Magnanimity – opens the third eye – Vasant
Infusion of mugwort, chicory, loosestrife. After 10 hours of fasting, take one glassful before meditating.

Aura Suavis – opens the mind – Scalvini, Makarios
Cornbind (a variety of morning glory), valerian (grated root) and vervain is either smoked or used to make an infusion. In Makarios, oracles use laurel leaves instead of cornbind.

For the skin

Isis lotion
Warm one cup buttermilk with a handful of elder flowers, marigold petals, geranium leaves and one clove garlic (chopped). Simmer for 40 minutes. Remove from the fire and let sit for five hours. Reheat gently and mix in 1/4 cup honey.

Skin conditioner
Choose three or more of pansy, chickweed, cleavers, meadowsweet, and scarlet pimpernel. Make a standard infusion. Rinse face with the infusion once a day and allow to air dry.

Dame Trot's Honey
Boil together two pounds of honey, four bryony roots (diced and decocted), and 1/2 cup rosemary infusion until infusion had evaporated.

Winter pomatum
Melt one pound of hog's fat and boil in two handfuls of rose petals or elder flowers and two handfuls of cowslip leaves. After 15 minutes, strain and allow fat to harden in a jar.

Herbal cream
Melt beeswax with lanolin and add your choice of infused oil and/or herbal tincture. Suggestions: birch bark, daisy, elder flower, lavender, rose, pimpernel, rosemary, pine, witch hazel.

Herbs and Taint

Regimens for Removing Taint Using Common Herbs

A character needs 3 ranks in herbalism to know of these (depending on region and whether or not the character is a druid). These can remove 1d2 points of taint down to one point.

Cleansing Infusion - Druids
Choose three of rose, red clover, cleavers, hyssop, and thyme. Infuse in boiling water for 20 minutes with mistletoe, vervain and gentian. Take 1/2 cupful at morning and night for one week.

Violet Cure - temperate regions
Make a decoction of yellow dock root, bearberry, and willow bark. In the hot decoction infuse violet, gentian and vervain for 10 minutes. Cool and take 2 tablespoons full three times daily for six days.

Water of Peace - Basira and Khepri
Once a day for seven days bathe for at least one half hour in warm water to which has been added 6 drops essential oil of myrrh, rose petals, 3 drops camphor oil and one cup decoction of bayberry bark.

Oak Bath - Druids
Once a day for seven days bathe for at least one half hour in water strewn with fresh oak leaves, wolf's bane, arnica and marigold flowers plus 7 drops mistletoe juice.

Oil of Purity - Makarios
Prepare a hot infused oil of lavender, cleavers, rose, and tormentil. The body is to be rubbed vigorously with this oil once each day for seven days.

Lisse Inno - Elven
Prepare an infusion of athelas, nasturtium, rose, and centaury. When cooled, mix one part infusion with one part honey and one part white wine. Take 1/2 cupful morning and night for seven days.

Ocha Kinyo - Tatsuo
Prepare a pot of green tea and add one spoonful each of decoction of bai zhi, ginseng and lian qiao. Drink four cups daily for six days.

Heron's Clay - Onatah
Make an decoction of goldenseal, willow bark and bearberry. Take fresh river clay and mix with the decoction to make a thin paste. Apply the clay to the body and wrap in clean cloths. After one hour the cloths can be removed and the subject should rinse the clay off in a river or stream. This process must be repeated for five days.

Tephrosia Champtha - Vasant
Prepare incense cones of sandalwood, rose, passionflower, and tephrosia stem. The subject should sit in meditation for one hour each day while breathing in the incense smoke for one week.

Clearmilk - Sclavini
Crush two bulbs of mountain garlic and mix into a cup of fresh milk with bruised white rose petals and one spoonful of cleavers infusion. Allow to rest for three hours then drink. Repeat each day for one week.

Restoring Ale - Falkor/Goblin Wilds
Soak nasturtium flowers, red clover, gentian and cleavers in fresh barley ale for one day. Drink one tankard each morning for seven days.

Herbal sachet for absorbing taint

Works similar to other items for absorbing taint: must be worn against the skin and a single item lasts for 7 days. However, the completed sachets must be used within 2 months.

Cost: 75 gp to buy, 35 gp to make (2 hours per sachet, DC 17 herbalism roll, or one day per sachet if taking 10 on the roll).

Take a square of fine white linen and sew it into a small bag with gold thread. Prepare the following herbs (which should have been collected within 2 weeks beforehand): rose petals (any variety), mistletoe, fumitory, gentian, vervain, and marigold. Place a small pebble that has been shaped by water (i.e., a river, stream or beach pebble) in the linen bag and add the herbs. The top of the bag should be knotted closed. Attach a cord of braided horsehair, sheepskin leather, or silk to the bag with gold thread so that it can be worn around the neck.

After seven days of absorbing taint, the herbs in the bag will have dissolved away and the pebble will have turned black. There are two ways to safely dispose of the pebble. One is to wrap it in oak leaves, willow bark or or elder leaves (tied securely with twine) place it back in its linen bag and drop it into moving water (a river, stream or ocean). The other option is to bury it in its linen bag either in open ground or under an ash tree when the moon is waning. The pebble is safe to carry until it can be disposed of if it is kept in its linen bag.

Rare herbs for treating taint

By region: a character must have 5 ranks in herbalism to know of the existence and use of the herb from their home region (or region in which he/she was living when reaching 5 ranks). A character with 5 ranks in herbalism can learn of herbs from other regions (i.e., the region he/she is currently in) by asking the right people. These rare herbs remove 1d3 points of taint down to one point.

E Zhu - rare zedoaria rhizome - Find DC 26, Prep DC 22
Soak the rhizome in cool water for one day and remove all dirt. Chop and soak in dry rice wine for one day. Strain and drink. The rhizome can be stored dried for up to a month before it loses its potency, but the plant can be propagated from the rhizome with an herbalism roll of 20 or higher. Some remote temples grow this plant in their gardens.

Black Lotus - rare water plant - Find DC 28, Prep DC 20
Make a decoction of the finely chopped root by boiling in water for 2 hours. Cool and allow to rest in a clay jar for 3 days. Strain and drink. The root can be stored for up to two weeks in water before use. If kept in a clay container, the decoction will keep for up to one month.

Leopard Orchid - rare jungle flower - Find DC 31, Prep DC 17
Infuse fresh flowers in hot water for 3 hours. Strain and drink. This flower must be used fresh, but it can be found blooming year round in the warm, moist jungles.

Golden Paintbrush - rare variety of the paintbrush flower found in the hills and mountains - Find DC 22, Prep DC 23
Prepare hot rocks in a sweatlodge or small tent by heating rocks in coals. Rocks should be hot enough to burn plant material. Place flowering stalks on hot rocks and breathe smoke while sweating for 1 hour. Dried plants will keep for up to three months but some potency is lost when they are dried and must be used in the sweatlodge three days in a row to achieve the same effect.

Night Blooming Cereus - rare cactus (so, found in the desert) - Find DC 24, Prep DC 22
Collect flowers or fruits after dark. Macerate and soak for in olive oil for 2 days. Press oil from herb, mix with wine vinegar and drink. The macerated root may be stored in olive oil for up to three weeks before pressing.

Blue Capensis - rare water lily - Find DC 25, Prep DC 22
Crush the root and boil in water for one hour. The decoction should be added to a bath with sea salt. Bathe for 1 hour. The root can be stored in water for up to two weeks. Alternatively, the decoction will keep up to one month.

Apollo's Eye - rare type of dwarf sunflower found in grassy sunny places - Find DC 24, Prep DC 22
Steep flower petals in wine for 3 days. Strain, add two pinches of pollen, mix with honey and drink. Dried petals can be stored for up to three months before use. The pollen will keep for up to one year.

Burning Lace - rare variety of Queen Anne's Lace with orange flowers found in grasslands or meadows - Find DC 28, Prep DC 21
Dry flowers in the shade for two days. Make a decoction of the chopped root. Grind dried flowers and add to wine along with the decoction. Allow the mixture to rest for one day then strain and drink. The dried flowers can be stored for up to three months. The decoction will keep for up to one month or the root can be dried in which case it can be stored up to three months.

Moschatel - rare plant with small green flowers, found in shady places and mountain rocks - Find DC 29, Prep DC 21
Soak flowers and leaves in cool spring water for two days. Macerate herbs and steep in white wine for one day. Strain and drink. The herb can be dried and stored for up to three months but it will require a total of one week soaking time in spring water.

Blood Moss - rare type of red moss only found growing on stones in fey rings - Find DC 28, Prep DC 19
Grind fresh or dried moss and steep in vodka for 3 days. Strain and drink. The dried moss can be stored up to two months, but fresh blood moss can be found growing even during the winter (find DC goes up by 3 in winter).

Wood Avens - rare forest flower - Find DC 26, Prep DC 20
Dry flowers and leaves gently over ash or beech coals (this takes about one day). Infuse dried herb in hot water for one hour, cool and let rest one day. Strain and drink. The dried herb can be stored for up to three months.

Goblin Lands/Falkor
Twinflower - rare flower with two delicate pink flowers per stalk, found in damp places - Find DC 30, Prep DC 18
Soak flowers in barley wine for 4 hours then slowly bring to a boil. Cool, allow to rest for 2 days then strain and drink. The preparation will keep up to three weeks. If dried, the flowers can be stored for up to two months.

Lady's Seal - rare berry-producing plant found in shady places - Find DC 27, Prep DC 21
Boil berries or chopped root (or both) in water for two hours to make a decoction. Add to white rum and let rest for 2 days. Strain and drink. The dried berries and root can be stored for up to three months. The decoction will keep up to two weeks and once mixed with rum it will keep up to one month.

Some rules

On taking 10 on an herbalism roll

For most herbs and basic preparations of multiple herbs, the character can take 10 on the herbalism roll after spending some time preparing the needed tools, containers, etc., depending on the prep DC of the herb. For preparations of multiple herbs use the highest DC.

DC 15 and below - 1 hour preparation time
DC 16-20 - 1 hour plus 1 hour for every 1 above DC 15 (so for DC 17, the preparation time would be 3 hours)
DC 21 and above - 1 day preparation time (you must spend 8 hours of the prior day getting stuff ready, then after resting 8 hours you can commence on the herbal concoction)

Some special preparations will have their own rules for taking 10 that override those given above (e.g., the taint-absorbing sachet).


If you have 5 or more ranks in herbalism you get a +2 to your spot or search roll (player's choice - but must chose only one skill to use for finding herbs) to find herbs from/in your region.

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