Myths and Legends

In the Beginning

Legend holds it was a golden era of peace and prosperity. Goblins were still humans, and civilization had evolved to near perfection. The land was one. But it was not to last.

The Aeon of the Blood

No one knows for certain how the Aeon of Blood began. Each race blames the other for extending their quest for magic too far, and upsetting the precious balance. What is known is that the Aeon of Blood was when the daemons first took an interest in the doings of the world. Daemons interbred with the races of men, and altered still others into forms unrecognizable from their origins. This was the era of aberrations and monsters. The Land that was one shattered into several continents, and their peoples were alienated from each other.

The Coming of the Gods

It is likely that the world would have been destroyed entirely had other outsiders not come. One by one temples rose in the various lands, and the hold of the daemons was broken. Still, remnants remained, and peace was a long time coming.

The Epoch of Separation

The gods were in no way unified, and the lands they protected became isolated from each other. The world needed healing from the time of the daemons, and the peoples turned inward. For a time, there was no exploration. Different languages grew, even the races of Dwarves and Elves sundered.

The Elf War - 2000 BD

The great elvish civil war

The Plague Times - 1900 BD

In the land now known as the amareth region, daemons struck again. They introduced diseases resistant to the magics available to the peoples of Amareth. They called upon the gods known as the Old Ones, but their cries went unheeded. In desperation, they reached out to the unknown and another voice answered. samad granted spells to those who called upon him, and the plagues were ended.

Fall of the Old Ones - 1500 BD

The people of Amareth turned away from their old gods, naming many of them as daemons and razing their temples. Temples to Samad were erected in their place. In the face of their followers turning against them, the Old Ones lost their divinity. A few remain as bits of memory, characters in stories, but most are forgotten. In the name of Samad, the people of Amareth set out to bring the light to other nations. And thus a time of exploration began again.

The Cycle of Bloodstained Sorceries - 1000 BD

It was not a peaceful time. The people of Amareth were often shocked at what they encountered. In some lands, the descendants of the daemons had created their own powerful brands of sorcery. In other lands, some even made pacts with the daemons. Some lands even still venerated disguised daemons as deities. It was a time of war.
But there was advancement. The elves taught their magics to the humans of Amareth, and the first wizarding academies were built. The wizards joined the battles against the forms of daemonic magics. In some places, the land lays twisted from the dark powers used in the wars. There were even beings that could destroy without resorting to magic, simply by utilizing the power of their minds. Each side sought to destroy the teachings and creations of the others, and for a time just being seen to cast magic often ended in the practitioner being killed by terrified townsmen.

Rise of the Dragon - 0

Finally, one being had enough. Aroused from his slumber by a nearby battle, the great dragon Zyanya took matters into his own claws. He formed the city of Shieldmeet, and brutally enforced the peace. Here, all were welcome, provided they followed Zyanya's simple laws. With a place for diplomacy, the vicious battles slowly ceased. Still, they were not forgotten. In spite of the truces, many lands still have laws prohibiting worship of gods other than their own, or practicing certain types of magics.

The Era of 'Intelligence'

The name officially given to the current era. Most non-elves refer to it in a much more derogatory fashion.
Thus far, the peace imposed by the dragon Zyanya has held in spite of his recent absence. Dark currents rumble, as the various nations come to the conclusion that whoever controls the island of Shieldmeet is one step closer to controlling the world.
Still, it is a time of advancement. The peace, uneasy as it may be, has allowed for renewed growth of the arts and sciences. Interest in the past has been sparked, for the truth behind legends of ancient and powerful magics can still be seen.

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