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Your characters start out in a small colony in the goblin-wilds, the village of Nimbari. A war has just ended, though who won is still up for debate. Most would say both sides thoroughly lost. How it all started will be for the historians to figure out.

The war was between some goblin tribes and the colony, though the colony did have goblin allies. It was brutal, on both sides, and casualties were heavy. Entire villages and tribes were obliterated. Slash and burn techniques were used by both sides, forests burned to drive out goblins, crops burned to starve humans.

The fighting just stopped. There was no clear victor, but those doing the fighting and dying realized that the land they were fighting and dying for had become an inhospitable wasteland of scorched and salted earth. Orders came from lands far away to press the attack, but the tired soldiers gathered their wounded and sought food and shelter instead of battle. Those who could find passage left. Even the bugbears headed back over the mountains.

It's been six months, and few ships have come. Allied goblins and the surviving humans glean what living they can from the barren land, fighting new battles against starvation and disease. The peace has endured these past few months, with soldiers too tired to raise swords after struggling to find food.

Autumn is coming, and there is hope that the meager crops will last the winter.


Lonasidu - Matt2
Khaldun - Maggi
Maz Darkfinder - Tanya
Indrani Devika - Chris1
Ashaki - Hyena
Iuri Wyrmslayer - Joseph
Alahiruan Galadodr - Leslie

Alain d'larinsiv
Ismail bin Mis'id


Aintza Halfling Bard
Duguvacuyenelo Gnome Warblade
Inirinuadi Segaraan Elvish Cleric
Gazosk Darkhowl Goblin Ranger
Sergiu Decebal Human Dragon Shaman
Amoxtli Human Barbarian
Baako Shifter Scout
Hiroaki Katsu Half-Elf Psychic Warrior
17-908 Warforged Crusader
Krix Kobold Psion
Shalindra Silverspray Aventi Swashbuckler
Valin Montgomery Catfolk Monk
Ji Quon Illumian Archivist
Jorn Frosthurler Human Sorcerer
Conner O'Finnegan Human Cleric

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