Holiday Session 1

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Joseph1: greetings Chris and omnipotent beings who rules over all
Chris: guys, I have to change something on the server. i have to boot everyone
Chris: reconnect in 60 sec
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Al: I am going to run a test attack, ok?
DM: k

  • Al attacks Bandit with his Rapier of Frost and Masterwork Dagger with a to hit of 15 for 7 points of damage and 1 points of cold damage with the Rapier on sucessful hit and a to hit of 23 for 3 points of damage with the Dagger on sucessful hit.
  • Al got the advantage on Bandit; Sneak Attack Class Feature does 10 points of extra damage.

Al: Works for me
DM: Kindly start your tokens in the tavern

  • Al attacks Bandit with his Rapier of Frost with a to hit of 26 for 8 points of damage and 3 points of cold damage on sucessful hit.

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Table D12 (Lonasidu):
Table D10 (DM):
DM: lol
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DM: It is getting into fall. The leaves have fallen from the trees, and most of the pitiful last harvest has been collected. Still, the weather is fairly mild and the small vegetable and herb gardens the villagers have are still producing a few straggly finds.
DM: There isn't much though. The hunters did have a good day, and there is some actual meat in the stew this morning.
DM: And, as many such stories begin, you are all sitting in a tavern.
Maz: …I can't decide. Is it really better that the war has ended? Seems like it'll be harder to find work. (talking with Iuri)

  • Tavern Maid serves weak tea to those seated at the tables
  • Iuri is enjoying a stiff pint of ale "Lass, lass, lass…Be it war or keeping tha peace. There's always work for the sturdy"

Iuri: ((should there not be ale?))
DM: ((ale is fine))
Maz: (grumbling) Sure, if you like farming or garbage collecting…
DM: ((you guys can go ahead and describe each other. Your characters have probably met before this, though they may not know each other well))
Lonasidu: Has the war ended? Or merely paused? You are right, food is short. There may yet be battle here shortly.
Maz: (( Maz's description is on her page now ))
Iuri: "Bah, anyone who tries taking my food will find a fist in their face and a broken pride soon after"
Iuri: ((Iuri's picture on the wiki says all, cept that hes 4'1))
Iuri: "Still can't believe there isn't a decent blacksmith here. This town needs a good dwarf to rally around. This town would be like new but better!"
Maz: Don't worry Short-stuff, I can keep you fed, though living off the land ain't what it should be around here…

  • Lonasidu is very tall and thin, but with a strong frame. He carries an array of weapons and a spiked shield. Those familiar would recognize the tattoo on his arm as a mark of a warrior of Markarios.

Al: (Updating picture on website)

  • Maz sighs heavily. "Blacksmithing, eh? Need gold to set up shop, I would think."

DM: Some commotion can be heard outside.

  • Maz perks up.

Iuri: "But gold is the big problem here"

  • Maz looks out the door

Lonasidu: Gold is a problem everywhere. But look. Some of the fighting I mentioned might find us.

  • Al looks up from his tea toward the door.
  • Lonasidu moves towards the door, drawing a spear.
  • Iuri watches Maz fooling around and decides to follow

Ansel: 'ello! Anyone alive around here?
Luciano: Aye

  • Lonasidu grins, and shouts

C-Bas: "At least the rest of you don't have to worry about tavern maids poisoning your food. Seems that everyone hates the Marshalls." Alain reluctantly takes a sip of his ale.
Lonasidu: Who wants to know?
Ansel: I am here with Lord Thorburn.
Ansel: Is this the village of Nimbari?
Maz: (( do we know the name? ))
DM: ((nope))
Luciano: yes
Luciano: Welcome

  • Ansel glances over his shoulder and says 'this seems to be the place'
  • Lonasidu steps outside.

DM: Two of the guards head back out of the village
Maz: Something we can help you with?
Lord Thorburn: ah, excellent. Who is in charge around here?

  • Maz shrugs.

Maz: Vullage headman?
Luciano: Well, um, the mayor kind of died, and we never saw a need to select a new one, so, um, no one
Maz: (village*)

  • Iuri follows on outside still holding onto his mug
  • Al gets up from his seat and asks the Tavern Maid if there is a back door to the tavern
  • Lord Thorburn nods

Lord Thorburn: I see.
Lonasidu: Right now, I'd say Marn the undertaker holds as much power as anyone.
Marn: sadly, I think the lad is right
Lord Thorburn: well, that does make this awkward, I was hoping to get permission to set up a camp just outside your village. We would pay, of course, for the use of the land.
Luciano: pay?
Lord Thorburn: And possibly employ some villagers, I'm told there are some former soldiers around that may be seeking work.
Lonasidu: Why are you looking to set up camp?

  • Marn glances at you lot
  • Al leans against the wall listening to the conversation

Iuri: "Gold's always a welcome sight." *sipping at his ale*
Maz: Where are you all from?
Lord Thorburn: There are some ruins nearby that we wish to study
Lord Thorburn: they are a bit unsafe, so we wish to set up camp away from them.
Lord Thorburn: until we can make them safe, at least
Lonasidu: Safe is a relative term on this island.
Lonasidu: How many soldiers you looking to hire on?
Lord Thorburn: As many that wish to hire on. 10 gold a head for sign up, then 5 gold a week.
Lord Thorburn: Ten would be plenty, though more would probably get the job done sooner
Maz: What's so dangerous about these ruins that you want to hire someone to clean them out for you?
Lonasidu: That's quite the pay. You must not be anticipating many survivors.
Lord Thorburn: Some undead in the ruins themselves, and something in the crypt the ruins are atop
Iuri: "Better question lass is what's so interesting about those ruines that they need cleaning out"
Tyrell: Oh they are quite fascinating, no one really knows who built them, or why

  • Maz nods.

Maz: You didn't say where you came from.
Lord Thorburn: The crypt attachs to a mine. It's the mine that concerns me.
Lord Thorburn: Things from the crypt keep entering the mine
Lonasidu: I see.
Lord Thorburn: I am from Amareth, Worden, to be precise
Lonasidu: And what does this mine produce?
Lord Thorburn: Moonsilver
DM: The two guards return, leading a wagon and about twenty goats
Lord Thorburn: Ah yes, for the village, if you let us put up camp here
Alain: Sounds like something that could help out the entire town. And you said there are only undead in there?

  • Luciano eyes bulge out of his head

Lord Thorburn: We've seen undead in the ruins. No one has seen what comes out of the crypt and lived to speak of it.
Oliver: Whatever it is sets nasty traps
Lord Thorburn: ah yes.
Iuri: "Hmm, lass, how good ye be at slaying the living dead?"

  • Luciano comes into your huddle

Luciano: This could save the village!
Luciano: Look, goats for everyone. Milk…maybe even cheese!
Lonasidu: Yes. Yes it could, but let's negotiate.
Luciano: and a mine!

  • Luciano nods

Luciano: aye…it's you who are the soldiers

  • Luciano turns back to Thorburn

Iuri: "Aye, mayhaps I can help you set some dwarven work ethics about the mine. This town wouldn't see a bad day for some time to come."
Luciano: You are welcome to stay near the village, but we can't speak for the soldiers.
Lonasidu: What about a 1% stake in the mine for each of us who clear the ruins, and 5% for the town?

  • Lord Thorburn nods and smiles

DM: Some discussion takes place
Lord Thorburn: 5% for the village is a fair deal, we'll agree to that as a tax. Half a percent for those who clear the ruins and solve the crypt problem

  • Lonasidu nods, and then turns to Maz and Luri.
  • Maz shrugs.

Iuri: "I could even call my cousins and clan to come and help work the mithril. Later of course"
Lonasidu: A small stake in that mine could make us quite wealthy. I don't see many other career opportunities presenting themselves.
Maz: Not keen on undead, but it's good pay.
Alain: Well, I'd have no problem dispatching some of the undead.
Iuri: "Come now lass, a little dark and dead things don't scare you now do they?"
Maz: They ain't natural. How do kill something that's already dead?
Maz: do you*
Iuri: "Make it so they never walk again and they can't very well be called walking dead now can they?"
Alain: He's got a good point there. Although it's sometimes a bit easier than that.
Lonasidu: Yep. They weren't just killed enough the first time.
Maz: Well I'll give it a go, I guess.
Lonasidu: I'm in. Sure beats the heck out of drinking through the rest of my coinpurse.
Iuri: "If it's good drink then it's never a waste. I'm in."

  • Maz elbows Lonasidu, "You speak for us. You're good at it."

Ansel: If it comforts you any, Tyrell here knows a bit of healing. Bring him back something interesting to study, and I'm sure he'd be happy to tend your ills.

  • Tyrell smiles

Alain: You'll need help putting down the undead and the pay is pretty good…. I guess I'm in.
Lonasidu: Well, I saw that priestess in town a couple days ago… maybe she'll be nearby. Anyways, it seems you have at least 4 volunteers.

  • Al walks out of the tavern, "Im in as well… You all will need help with the traps if there is even any in there…"

Iuri: "Lad, the moment a dwarf needs help in a mine is the day we're all doomed. Hahaha!" *hitting Alaine on the back a might bit hard and returning inside now that his pint is empty*
Lonasidu: Not in the mine. Next to the mine. Crypt and ruins. Then mine. That order.
Lonasidu: Or ruins and crypt.
Lonasidu: But the mine is last.

  • Iuri gets the barmaid to fetch another pint

Lonasidu: Lord Thorburn, make that 5 volunteers.
Lonasidu: We'll take your offer.
Lord Thorburn: Excellent. We can show you to the ruins tomorrow.

  • Lord Thorburn gestures to Ansel to hand out small coinpurses

DM: Each coinpurse contains 9 gold, 9 silver, and 10 copper.

  • Iuri returns with a fresh pint of ale

Maz: Do we have to sign something?

  • Oliver smiles

Oliver: Not necessary, I think. Frankly, it's not like it would be hard to find you

  • Oliver glances around
  • Lonasidu takes out a gold, and bites it

Al: What time and where are we meeting tomorrow?
Lord Thorburn: Shortly after dawn, to give you all a chance to eat and prepare
Lonasidu: If you've got ample food, that's worth almost as much as gold around these parts.
Alain: Yep. A good bit of farmland was destroyed in the war.
Al: In the morning Lord Thorburn then.
Maz: Lets roast up one of these goats!
Al: …
Luciano: Let's breed the goats, and have meat next year
Iuri: "Hah, a bit of fresh goat before a trip undergroud to deal with vermin. Sounds good lass."
Maz: C'mon, just one goat.
Luciano: There is some deer meat left, we can prepare a roast for you
Luciano: but we take no chances with the goats
Maz: Bah…
Iuri: "Well lass, you win some and you lose some…" *eyeing a goat wantingly*

  • Luciano takes charge of distributing the goats evenly among the villagers, and seems impressed by the contents of the wagons

Luciano: wagon
Lonasidu: Luri, please tell me you're only looking at the goats for meat.
Iuri: "Lon, don't make me turn you into stone. It's an ancient dwarven technique."
DM: The night will pass uneventfully
DM: The next morning, some of Lord Thorburn's men will show you to the ruins
Lonasidu: red arrow of travel…..
Al: ((Where should we put our tokens?))
DM: Somewhere near Lord Thorburn's group

  • Tyrell offers each of you a small potion (cure light wounds)
  • Lonasidu takes it, and clips it to his belt

Maz: Thanks

  • Maz stuffs it in a handy pocket.

Iuri: "Thanks, lad'
Lord Thorburn: The ruins are just to the northwest.
Al: "Thanks…"
Lord Thorburn: We don't expect you to get them all today, retreat if you feel it necessary

  • Lord Thorburn leaves with his retinue

Maz: Lets go get 'em.
Lonasidu: Agreed
DM: Should probably roll initiative now
Al: Initiative: 16
Maz: Initiative: 14
Iuri: "Aye, trap boy, we should probably take lead. I bet I have the most experience underground."
Al: Ok old man…
Lonasidu: initiative 12
Iuri: Initiative 1d20+2
Iuri: Initiative 21
Lonasidu: Alain?
Iuri: ((he's never used maptools/openrpg, allow him time))
Alain: Initiative 8
Alain: ((Ouch.))
Iuri has received initiative.
DM: go
Lonasidu: ((No worries. I was more concerned about a player dropping than I was about slow response time.))
Alain: ((Well, looks like I'm last in line!))
DM: ((hang on, one sec))
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Iuri: ((that is 35 feet to target, no?))
Al: ((Yeah))

  • Iuri casts Disrupt Undead ray 14 damage 2

Iuri: ((end turn))
Alain d'Larinsiv: Core Creature Stats Generated
Al has received initiative.

  • Al draws his Rapier and Dagger as he walks up to the skelly and take a wack at it with both.
  • Al attacks Skelly with his Rapier of Frost and Masterwork Dagger with a to hit of 11 for 8 points of damage and 5 points of cold damage with the Rapier on sucessful hit and a to hit of 21 for 4 points of damage with the Dagger on sucessful hit.

Maz has received initiative.
DM: The skeleton crumples

  • Maz marches up to a crumpled skeleton

Maz: Hm…
Maz: (( done, it seems ))
DM: (Maz can see a ghoul from where she is at)
Al: ((Not I?))
DM: (you can)
Al: ((kk just wondering))
Maz: (( ok, will move another 20 ft for double move ))
Ghoul 8: mmmm….half orc
Lonasidu has received initiative.
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Lonasidu: Lona will double move
DM: ((oops))
Alain: ((Huh. That's interesting.))
Maz: (Maz has axes out)
Lonasidu: (Lona has a spear out)

  • Ghoul 8 bites 14 for 6 + make a fort save DC 15

Lonasidu: Miss.
Ghoul 8: done
Ghoul 8: Alain, you are up
Alain: That'll be it.
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Iuri has received initiative.
Iuri: ((double move and done))
Al has received initiative.

  • Al sprints foward with little emotion on his face

Al: Like olf times huh Lonasidu?
Al: old*
Maz has received initiative.
Lonasidu: Yes. But this time it is moral to show no mercy.
Maz: (( dammitall, someday I would like to be able to attack ))
Maz: (( done ))
Lonasidu has received initiative.
Lonasidu: Lonasidu will tumble around the ghoul.
Al: ((Sorry ill remember that next time i move))
DM: at Maz

  • Ghoul 8 bites 21 for 2 + make a fort save DC 15

Lonasidu: Wait
Lonasidu: I'm not done yet.
DM: k
Lonasidu: I can tumble and then attack.
Lonasidu: tumble 23
DM: not with that roll
Lonasidu: *laugh*
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Alain: Double move and that's it.
Al: ((Ghouls can't be hit with a sneak attack right?))
DM: ((correct))
Al: ((kk just double checking, stupid 4th))
Lonasidu: ((Wait, shouldn't I have gotten an attack?))
Lonasidu: spear 33 for 6 piercing damage and 4 fire damage
Lonasidu: Ooooh, crit threat.
DM: ((no crits on undead. Muahahahahahahaha)
Alain: ((It has no vital organs. It's undead!)
Al: ((lolz…))
Lonasidu: ((oh.. right))
Lonasidu: ((Then Ooooh, natural 20))
Iuri: ((that's why the pally needs to whack it, and hard))
Lonasidu: I thought that was cause of his church's silly rules about wenches.
DM: ((don't make me kill you all))
DM: ((Alain, you are up))
Iuri: ((he moved already))
Alain: ((I double moved and that was it.)
Iuri has received initiative.
Iuri: ((done, double move))
Al has received initiative.

  • Al attacks with his weapons then takes a five foot step
  • Al attacks Ghoul 8 with his Rapier of Frost and Masterwork Dagger with a to hit of 14 for 4 points of damage and 5 points of cold damage with the Rapier on sucessful hit and a to hit of 22 for 2 points of damage with the Dagger on sucessful hit.

DM: The ghoul falls
Lonasidu: There's another one ahead.
Maz has received initiative.
Al: ((eh should wait a bit before making movements…))
Maz: (( sigh ))
Maz: (( done ))
DM: ((I'll let you charge, if you want ))
Iuri: ((ya, she can leap over people's heads, who wouldn't duck with her running at them? lol))
Maz: (( oh why not, then it can get me but good ))
Maz: Attack Battleaxe, single attack: 22 Damage: 9 plus flame damage 1

  • Ghoul 9 hisses at the fire

Maz: (( gah, weak damage but done ))
Lonasidu has received initiative.
Lonasidu: Lonasidu will double move.
Lonasidu: That's it.
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Alain: Heavy mace out and that's it.
DM: at Lon

  • Ghoul 9 bites 3 for 4 + make a fort save DC 15

Lonasidu: That misses.
Iuri has received initiative.
DM: more undead pour out of the ruins
DM: By this time you are close enough to see that the carvings on the ruins are strange and seem to depict unholy rituals and crude black runes

  • Iuri casts Haste on Maz, Alaine, and Al (sorry Lon, too far)

Lonasidu: (Is okay, I'm gonna be tumbly and give flanking.)
Iuri: ((done, will write spell if needed))
Al has received initiative.

  • Al runs with new speed past the skeleton, realizing this he doubles back and attacks.

DM: ((oops))
DM: ((because I forgot token size, you won't take an attack from the larger reach))
Al: ((Thanks for letting us know, lol..))
Alain: ((I was about to say, that's a freaking huge skeleton.))

  • Al attacks Skeleton - Wierd 1 with his Rapier of Frost and Masterwork Dagger with a to hit of 23 for 4 points of damage and 6 points of cold damage with the Rapier on sucessful hit and a to hit of 12 for 5 points of damage with the Dagger on sucessful hit.

DM: The skeleton does indeed have two heads, and is wielding a morningstar
Al: ((Add one to each of the to hits))
DM: both hit
Al: ((ok))
Maz has received initiative.
Al: ((Just wondering but becuase im hasted do i get another attack or no?))
Maz: Attack Battleaxe, primary hand: 31 Damage: 10 plus flame damage 6
Lonasidu: (No, you only get the extra attack on a full attack action)
Maz: Attack Handaxe, secondary hand: 26 Damage: 4
Lonasidu: (Speed is doubled, max +30 ft, +1 to hit, +1 AC, extra attack on full attack action)
Al: ((opps… I have been doing something wrong…))
DM: Maz mows through another ghoul
DM: ((I"ve been ignoring the second attack unless it was applicable))
Lonasidu: (just clarifying the rules for him since he asked)
Maz: (( done ))
Lonasidu has received initiative.
Al: ((ok, sorry… I just realized… Thanks for picking that up…))
Lonasidu: (Tumbling through the AoO square)
DM: ((you will take an AoO closing to the giant skeleton))
DM: ((k))
Lonasidu: tumble 16
Lonasidu: I make it. barely.
Lonasidu: Attack
Lonasidu: spear 33 for 8 piercing damage and 1 fire damage
Lonasidu: (ooooh, natural 20 again!)
Lonasidu: (*laugh*)
Al: ((lol))
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Alain: will save 10
Alain: ((Well, maptools officially hates me.))
DM: Alain stares at the giant and abruptly passes out

  • Skeleton - Weird 1 one head looks at Lonasidu (first attack) the other at Al (second attack)

Iuri: "The bleeding fool just feinted!"

  • Skeleton - Weird 1 swings a morningstar 29 for 14 then again swings a morningstar 13 for 13

DM: 3
Al: ((Miss))
Lonasidu: And hit.

  • Ghoul 7 bites 6 for 2 + make a fort save DC 15

Iuri has received initiative.

  • Iuri moves to flank the Weird at range and casts scorching ray 15 damage 17
  • Skeleton - Weird 1 does not appear to like the fire

Al: ((and here i am with a cold weapon))
Iuri: ((done))

  • Al attacks the Skeleton with bot his weapons then attacks again with his Rapier.

DM: ((I said he doesn't like it, not that it deals more damage ))

  • Al attacks Skeleton - Weird with his Rapier of Frost and Masterwork Dagger with a to hit of 11 for 7 points of damage and 6 points of cold damage with the Rapier on sucessful hit and a to hit of 12 for 3 points of damage with the Dagger on sucessful hit.

DM: miss/hit
Al: ((Didn't do that))
Al: ((Add one to both hits))
DM: hit/hit
Al: ((Haste))

  • Al attacks Skeleton - Weird 1 with his Rapier of Frost with a to hit of 28 for 7 points of damage and 5 points of cold damage on sucessful hit.

Al: ((Natural 20… lol))
Al: ((Done))
Al has received initiative.
Maz has received initiative.
Maz: (on ze ghoul)
Maz: Attack Battleaxe, primary hand: 28 Damage: 13 plus flame damage 6
Maz: Attack Handaxe, secondary hand: 14 Damage: 8
Maz: and the extra:
Maz: Attack Battleaxe, primary hand: 16 Damage: 9 plus flame damage 6
DM: The ghouls fall before the awesome that is half-orc
Maz: Hey, these aren't so hard to kill after all.
Maz: (( done ))
Lonasidu: Lonasidu wants revenge for the large slash in his left leg.
Lonasidu has received initiative.
Lonasidu: spear 33 for 1d6+5 piercing damage and 3 flaming damage.
Lonasidu: 7 piercing
DM: The giant is starting to look injured
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Lonasidu: He's lights out, right?
Alain: Or am I back?
Iuri: ((isn't he still unconscious?
Iuri: ))
Al: ((Then pass turn))
DM: first on AL, 2nd on Lon

  • Skeleton - Weird 1 swings a morningstar 16 for 13 then again swings a morningstar 15 for 12

Iuri has received initiative.
Lonasidu: Miss
Al: ((Miss))

  • Iuri casts Magic Missile at the Weird damage 12
  • Skeleton - Weird 1 collapses in a heap of bones

Iuri: ((and moves forward))
Lonasidu: (Any interest in pressing the pause button?))
DM: yep
Al: ((how long?))
DM: 5 min or so
DM: There are various items on the undead
Lonasidu: ((My evening is winding down quickly.))
Al: ((search check?))

  • Lonasidu searches the bodies.

Alain: ((So…am I concious yet?)
Iuri: ((checking bodies, with HASTE! lol))
DM: yes
DM: One ghoul has a bronze goblet with some gemstones embedded in it
DM: another has a silver pendant with an oddly disturbing sigil carved on it
DM: the third ghoul has a turquoise inlaid hip flasp
DM: flask
DM: The giant has two large morningstars and a scroll tube, carved in ivory with gold-plated metal end caps
Iuri: "Aft' a good cleaning that would make a fine flask for my drink"
Lonasidu has disconnected.
DM: the skeleton had a rune-etched twisted iron brat pin
Al: Can anyone try to see if any of these items have magic here?
Iuri: ((after all the loot has been collected I will cast Detect Magic on the stuff))
DM: none of the loot is magical, but you get a glimpse of something magical on the other side of the walls to the south of you
Maz: (if he points I'll go look)
Iuri: "Hmm, hey lads, throw that stuff in a sack or something. We can divide it up later, there's something interesting down there" (pointing at the source of magic)
DM: ((since that could lead to more combat, perhaps best to wait a mo
Alain: "Uhm…guys? I just tried to check for evil. And then everything went black."
Maz: So… what? THis place is so evil it blew your mind?
Iuri: "That or he pissed his pants and feinted at the big lug there" *pointing at the giant*
Alain: "Speak for yourself. You just sat back and threw spells at it."
Iuri: "And it died now didn't it lad? Falling a sleep at it's feet does little don't ya think?"
Alain: "We'll see who's fighting and who's pissing their pants when we find out what's bringing out all these undead."
Maz: You saw something over here, Iuri?
Iuri: "Yeah, yeah. I'll be sure to be asking the great Samad for his divine protection before this is all over." *rather sarcastically, if the pally can actually understand sarcasm *
Iuri: "Yes lass, other side of the wall" (if i'm not mistaken)
Maz: Where is it?
Alain: "What is it?"
DM: Inside this room, there is a large (as in taller than you) ornately carved stone box
Maz has received initiative.
DM: oh, by the way, roll init
Maz: Initiative: 4
Maz: (( wow ))
Al: Initiative: 23
Iuri has received initiative.
Iuri: Initiative: 13
Alain: Initiative 5
Maz: That looks suspiciously like a huge coffin.
Alain: ((Well, this program HATES me. 8, 10, then 5!))
Al: ((Your awake!))
Iuri: ((could have the DM roll for you?))
Alain: ((Yes. I am. After getting overloaded with evil.))
Alain: ((I'll just go with it.))
Al has received initiative.

  • mummy makes a groaning noise
  • Al moves up with Alain

Alain: (( Huh. This should be fun.))
Al: ((Done btw))

  • mummy slams 26 for 14 make a fortitude save DC 16

Al: ((Right now?))
Al: ((Hit btw))
DM: yes

  • Travis rolls to you: 1d20 Fortitude => 20

Maz: (( did the mummy come from inside the big box or from behind it? ))
DM: behind
DM: The mummy is wrapped in what appears to be a silvery silk, with bits of a pattern woven into it. It is wearing a jeweled pendant, belt, and coronet

  • Al takes the slam, not showing any pain, then slumps to the ground

Iuri has received initiative.
Al: ((is not dead, yet))
Iuri: ((…))

  • Iuri moves next to the huge box and cast Ray of Flame at the mummy ray: 8 damage: 9 +catches on fire

Iuri: ((how nice))
Iuri: ((done))
DM: ((it does miss))
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Alain: using smite evil with the heavy mace attack 30 damage 8 ((add 5 damage IF it is evil))
DM: you thwack it a resounding blow
Maz has received initiative.
Alain: ((Cool. The curse of maptools is broken! …))
DM: ((You can step over Al, or pull him out of the way))
Al: ((Im alive))
Al: ((btw))
Maz: (( but can I still do full attack? ))
DM: ((since he is prone against the wall, sure))
Maz: (( then take this ))
Maz: Attack Battleaxe, primary hand: 18 Damage: 10 plus flame damage 6
Maz: Attack Handaxe, secondary hand: 11 Damage: 8
DM: ((both miss))
Maz: (( done ))
Al has received initiative.
DM: ((since Maz basically shoved you out of the way, you can drink potion now))
Iuri: ((Alaine better keep attacking for 30 to hit this thing…))
mummy: ssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Al drops his dagger on the floor then drinks his potion restoring 7 then grabs the dagger again.

Al: ((done))

  • mummy slams 26 for 13 make a fortitude save DC 16

mummy: ((on Alain))
Iuri has received initiative.

  • Iuri casts Magic Missile damage: 8

Iuri: ((done))
DM: the magic missile slams into the mummy
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Alain d'Larinsiv: -13 hitpoints!
Al: ((what? whats that all about?))
DM: ((you took 13 points of damage and I was trying out a macro no worries))
Al: ((kk))
Al: ((sorry for freaking out… ))
Alain: heavy mace attack 29 damage 9 ((use sanctify martial strike with it…so, if it's evil, it takes 1 damage if it hits zee mummy))
DM: The mummy is looking a tad battered from Alain beating on it
Maz has received initiative.
Maz: Attack Battleaxe, primary hand: 14 Damage: 6 plus flame damage 6
Maz: Attack Handaxe, secondary hand: 9 Damage: 5
Maz: (( poop ))
Maz: (( and done ))
DM: the dice mock Maz

  • Ghast bites 13 for 10 make a fortitude save DC15

Al has received initiative.
Al: ((miss))
DM: ((are you still prone?))
Al: ((When was a knocked prone?))
DM: ((you said you sat down))
Al: ((oh, it doesn't matter my touch is 14…))
Al: ((flat footed is 17, rogue…))
Al: ((Still hit?))
DM: yes
Al: ok..

  • Travis rolls to you: 1d20 Fortitude => 2

DM: and unfortunately, paralyzed

  • mummy slams 17 for 16 make a fortitude save DC 16

DM: ((Alain))
Alain d'Larinsiv: -29 hitpoints!
Iuri has received initiative.
Alain: (( Damn. It just matched the AC.))

  • Iuri casts Scorching Ray at the mummy ray: 17 damage: 12

Iuri: ((come on ranged touch!!))
Alain: ((Maybe you'll hit? Hopefully.))

  • mummy is on fire, which apparently is particularily harmful to it

Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Alain: heavy mace attack 16 damage 5 + Sactify Martial Strike damage vs evil 3
Alain: ((Sheet.))
DM: miss
Maz has received initiative.
Alain: ((Thought so.))
Maz: Attack Battleaxe, primary hand: 26 Damage: 8 plus flame damage 5
Maz: Attack Handaxe, secondary hand: 11 Damage: 4
DM: ((at mummy?))
Maz: (( yes ))

  • mummy collapses, bandages still smoldering

DM: sorry Al
Maz: (( yay and done ))
DM: well, I was given permission to NPC Lonasidu…so
Lonasidu: 23 spear for 7 + 2 fire

  • Ghast bites 21 for 7 make a fortitude save DC15 then claws once 5 for 2 and again 23 for 3 make fort save for all hits

Travis1 has connected.
DM: ghast takes a few bits out of Lonasidu
Al has received initiative.
Iuri has received initiative.
Iuri: "Alright ladies and gentlemen this is the last spell I can throw at them"

  • Iuri cast Lighting Bolt

Iuri: Damage: 20
Iuri: ((watch the thing jump out of the way))
Lonasidu: Core Creature Stats Generated
Alain: ((And then you'll hear Thriller come on in the background.))

  • Ghast explodes in a shower of gore

Alain: ((Cool.))
Iuri: "And that's how a dwarf does it!"
Travis has disconnected.
Travis has disconnected.
Travis1: ty
DM: Al is still paralyzed, and will be for another 5 minutes
DM: the ghast has - rune engraved hammered silver bracelet
Alain: ((Does the mummy have anything that isn't incinerated?))
Iuri: ((i'd be more afraid that the lighting bolt melted things on the ghast))
DM: the mummy has - scarab made of gold with silver inlay and green gemstones, golden circlet with 4 aquamarines, pale blue crystal earrings, intricate ivory anklechain, a pendant consisting of a fire opal with a gilded, fine, twisted-link neck chain, moonsilver adorned silver belly chain
Travis has connected.
Maz: Fancy stuff
Iuri: "You'd think they were important or something"
Maz: They are important for lining our pockets
Iuri: "So, who wants to take a look inside?" *thumbing at the big box*
Travis12321213 has connected.
Travis has disconnected.
Maz: Might be trapped. How's Al?
Travis1 has disconnected.
Iuri: "Well, if he's up for it, I can levitate him up there"

  • Maz pokes Al.
  • Al is laying still

DM: (since it probably took a couple minutes to strip the mummy, Al can be back up))
DM: ((had to strip it careful-like))
Al: ((Awesome…))
Iuri: "Well boy? You up for risking your neck in the big box? I can float you up to the top"
Al: Yeah i can do something, does anyone have anything that can make me feel better?
Iuri: "Well we still have these potions… aybe Mr. Samad over there can call up his god or something"

  • Al gets up and sheaths his blades.

Alain: "Yeah, I'm on it." *Alain puts his mace away and uses lay on hands for 10 on Al.*
Al: Thank you my friend, now its my turn to do my job…

  • Al looks at the ?box?

Al: ((can i get description?
DM: Very large stone cupboard essentially, carved with images of demonic debauchery in graphic detail, along with nasty looking runes

  • Travis12321213 rolls to you: 1d20+11 Search => 3 + 11 = 14

Iuri: ((can I use the dwarf stone cunning to check it over, traps, hidden things, and etc))
Maz: Wonder if this is something we should let that lord whatshisname look at and just go back to finding things to hack up.
Al: I dont find anything but then again we where hired to clear the area not loot things that we find, so i say we move on…
Iuri: "Well seeing as how I couldn't kill a rat with my spells at this point I don't think whacking things is my taste of ale at the moment"
Maz: Head back and camp, then?
Iuri: "Whoever made this was quite the worksman"
Alain: "We're not exactly done with the area, though."
Al: He said we would have a couple days to clear it out… So i think its best to take things slowly
Iuri: "So, we good to open it lad?"
Al: I didn't find anything…
Iuri: "Nor I, so… Heeve ho"
Al: I will probably need some help..

  • Maz looks reluctant.

Maz: Just how magicky is this thing anyway, Iuri?
DM: fairly strongly magicky

  • Iuri will help open it, what dwarf isn't up for a challenge of strength?

Alain: "So, we try to open it together, then?"
Al: "Yes, on three"
DM: actually, the door will open easily in spite of it's intimidating size. The hinges are quite clever, and as said, it is masterfully crafted. Those heaving hard may find themselves falling on their butts unless they make a reflex save
Iuri: "On 3 then, watch us make fools of ourselves"

  • Travis12321213 rolls to you: 1d20+8 Reflex => 2 + 8 = 10

Alain: "Well, then. Let's just try carefully opening it."
Iuri: "The first thing intellegent the boy's said all day" *giving a big grin*
Alain: "Let's just get to it." *Attempts to open the box thing. Carefully*
DM: alrighty, everyone within 5 feet of the cabinet make a reflex save as it opens

  • Travis12321213 rolls to you: 1d20+8 Reflex => 6 + 8 = 14

Alain: ((Oh snap.))
Alain: Reflex Save 15
Iuri: Reflex: 4
Alain: ((Ouch.))
Iuri: ((holy hell))
DM: ((action points still apply))

  • Travis12321213 rolls to you: 1d6 => 1

Iuri: ((thank god, i use one))
DM: Everyone who rolled above a 13 will take half damage - 6 acid damage, continuing for a 2nd round as 1
Al: ((k))
DM: inside the cupboard are several smaller chests apparently made of ivory and bound with gold.
Maz: Bet each one of those will spit stuff at you too.

  • Al grins

Al: Thats why this is fun
DM: They are all carved with the same runes you see around you on the walls, and nearly half are painted with the same graphic depictions of demons at play
Maz: Probably have body parts in 'em or something else gross.
Alain: "I say we bring them with us back to the camp and take care of it there."
DM: One, slightly smaller than the others, is painted instead in a beautiful pattern of red and gold, and bound with silver instead of gold like the others
Al: "Agreed"
DM: All of the chests (9) seem to have intricate locking mechanisms
Maz: And let his lorship confiscate the spoils?
Al: well want me to work on them now?
Iuri: "Would be better than hauling this stone thing around" *thumbing the stone cupboard*
Maz: Try that little one, it doesn't look so evil.
Alain: "Maybe take care of some now and others tomorrow? Or just come back here for them tomorrow."
Al: Could i get another heal?
Iuri: "We could try hiding some, if those soldiers do a sweep of what we've cleared while we rest then our treasure becomes their's"

  • Maz offers Al her potion.

DM: ((you actually say the word heal?))
Al: ((Sure…))
DM: The silver bound box glows suddenly, and a white light surrounds Al. He is healed of all wounds
DM: and any other afflictions he may be suffering from
Alain: ((We're totally leaving the realm of rp and going into the realm of mmorpg. "Cleric dude, HEAL MEEE!"))
Al: ((Nah its what a rogue would say..))
Maz: That one's small, who has room in their bag for it?
Iuri: "Well, lad I think you just got a lesser portion of the loot for that one"
Al: "My mistake? Now i am sure i can work on the others, Iuri want to see if it will do it agian?"
Iuri: "Hah, this old dwarf's luck being what it is I think it would send me to the Abyss or some such"
Maz: Who cares about the others? Se if it's safe to pick that one up- (pointing at silver box)
Maz: See*
Alain: "Well, whatever it does, I'm checking it for any sort of evil first. Hopefully I don't pass out…again." *Alain checks for evil and stuff.*
Alain: ((Will save again, maybe?))
Alain d'Larinsiv: Gained 29 hitpoints!
Iuri: "If you are seriously up in strength again lad then by all means go ahead and try out the chests…while I stand over here"
Alain: (( o_o)
Alain: ( Holy shiite.))

  • Al scars on his face have been healed. His step is a little more springy and is a bit happier..

Alain: Will save 24
Alain: (( HAH!))
Al: Do you guys mind if i try to look through all these chests/
DM: We are going to have to call a halt here
Alain: *Alain points to two particular boxes.* "I wouldn't try to open either of those. They've been tainted by demons in some way."
Maz: If you're willing to risk it, go for it.
Alain: (('Kay.))

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