Holiday Session 2

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GM: Short handed tonight
Al: Yeah, alot
GM: More treasure for you guys
Al: Lol, us two…
C-Bas: Sounds good, I guess.
Al: Want to give them another 10 minutes?
C-Bas: I guess I'll go yell at Joe until he gets online.
GM: sure
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GM: Transcript is posted
Joseph: hello all those here
Al: Ha ha ha, Hai
GM: So, when we last left our heroes, they were examining several boxes
GM: There are 7 boxes bound in gold, one bound in silver.
Al: So do you guys want to leave the two really evil ones in there stone cupboard?
GM: Each box has different designs
GM: The first is painted in horrific images of demons and humans cavorting in sexual poses. The lock is a puzzle lock that seems to involving moving two figures to engage in a somewhat unnatural activity.
Iuri: "Be they demons guarding the insides of those boxes, who would I be if I them 'em for others to claim?"
GM: The second is painted in images of demons and humans feasting upon a tables spread with both delicacies and the bodies of humans screaming as their entrails are ripped out. It has a lock that seems to require a star shaped key. It is one of the evil ones.
Al: ((Imma wait for all the descriptions…))
GM: The third is painted in images of demons and humans enraptured in counting their wealth while images of starving children can be seen in the background. The lock looks almost absurdly complex.
Alain: (( Best thing to do, then. Just wait.))
Iuri: ((best thing to do…. Edit>Pref>Show Avatar per Line))
GM: The fourth is painted with the image of noblemen lounging indolently in comfortable thrones, paying no attention to the demons creating various disasters seem to be occuring around them. The lock is a simple latch, shody apprentice work on an otherwise masterwork chest.
Alain: (( Thanks.))
GM: The fifth is engraved with the images of demons and mortals reaching with grasping hands towards rich looking images of noble families that seem to be quite happy. The lock is a puzzle lock, very complex. This one glows evil.
GM: The sixth is inlaid with obsidian polished to be reflective. Demons and mortals both grovel before the mirrors, which will reflect the image of whoever holds the chest. The lock is a puzzle look, but seems deceptively simple.
GM: The seventh is painted with the image of a figure in spiked armor and helm, laying waste to all around him with a vicious looking axe. Blood drips from the figure's hands due to the spikes on the hilt. The lock seems to be a key lock, excellent quality.
GM: The silver bound-chest is painted in blue with beautiful runes, and features a lock that seems to require a diamond-shaped key.
GM: and that be all the boxes
Iuri: "Well, we're either dealing with 'Pandora's Boxes (insert correct comparison) or powerful treasures that evil may have once covetted. The latter will make us rich obviously"
Al: "So, shall i try and open some of them?"
Alain: "Go for it. Stay away from the two I mentioned. They're riddled with the presence of demons."

  • Al pulls out the first box, looking at with a grin and places it on the floor infront of him and attempts to use his knowledge of locks to unlock it.

Iuri: "Aye, they give this warrior of Samad the hibbie gibbies so we'll leave those for last."
Alain: (( Well, the first box is a puzzle, not a lock.))
Alain: (( At least, not a typical key-lock.))

  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+14 Open Lock => 4 + 14 = 18
  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+2 Int Check => 7 + 2 = 9
  • Al fiddles with the puzzle, unable to understand much he doesn't seem to open it…
  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+14 Open Lock => 14 + 14 = 28
  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+8 Reflex => 10 + 8 = 18

GM: When the lock clicks open, green dust spits at Al, which he narrowly dodges
Al: "Ha ha, once more traps seem to get the best of me…"
Iuri: "Lad, you ma not be long for this world but by the gods you will be wealthy before you ship out at this rate. Hahaha!" *hearty laugh*

  • Al looks inside the chest to see….

GM: The chest seems to be empty
Al: "Well it appears that all that was in it was just that nasty trap… Anyone want a second look while i move on?
Iuri: "Aye lad, continue on, we'll double check the boxes."
GM: Which one next?
Al: ((Fourth))
GM: roll it
Iuri: "At least you know to be weary of the traps from now on"
Al: ((On chest))

  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+11 Search => 7 + 11 = 18
  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+14 Open Lock => 13 + 14 = 27

GM: Al's lockpick barely seems to touch the latch before the lock pops open.
Al: "Wow, that chest seemed to have wanted to have been open on its own, we should be careful guys, should i still open it or just leave the lock on there?:
Iuri: "Hmm…. Well we could leave it to the side for now and take percaustions when we do open it. Like using a rope to open it from afar."
Al: "I agree, I am no stranger of magical traps… Lets look at this one…."
Al: ((Sixth))

  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+14 Open Lock => 16 + 14 = 30
  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+2 Int Check => 14 + 2 = 16
  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+2 Will => 12 + 2 = 14

GM: the mirrors on the chest seem to reflect the sun into Al's eyes
Al: "Hey guys i opened it, i think i could have done that in my sleep…"
GM: the box contains a tattered cloak
GM: and a battered crown
Iuri: "There's nothing wrong is there, where was the trap?"
GM: the crown is kind of ridiculous looking, with luridly pink gemstones
Al: "Hey these look pretty awesome, I say i get these treasures because of how it would fit me perfectly!"

  • Al puts on the crown and cloak with out a skip after saying that

Iuri: "Ah, but that crown would seems to fit the Samadite here perfectly though"
Al: "Don't you guys think so?"
Iuri whispers: don't guess I can make a sense motive check huh?
Alain: "I'd be careful. There might be curses on some of the treasures here."
Al: "But they so belong with me, they where made for me!"
Iuri: "Aye, curses… Al, take them off before something happens"
Al: "Why, do i not at least deserve something after being stuck in that god awful town for so long, Maybe my Mother and Sister hear the tales of me killing the undead and come a find me!"
Al: ((sister will hear**))
Iuri: ((is he raving yet or is he just excited?))
Alain: "You can keep the crown and cloak, just take them off until we can make sure they're not cursed."
Al: ((raving?))
Al: ((he is getting excited..))
Iuri: ((raving mad))
Al: "Fine if it will appease you, but i know there will not be any harm to me… Next chest…"
Al: ((Seventh one))

  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+14 Open Lock => 3 + 14 = 17

GM: Everyone within 15 feet of Al needs to make a reflex save now

  • Leslie rolls to you: 1d20+8 Reflex => 5 + 8 = 13
  • Joseph rolls to you: Reflex 1d20+3 => 0
  • Joseph rolls to you: 17 => Invalid expression: 17

GM: The chest contains a battle-axe with a spiked hilt, similar to the one the figure on the box weilded
Alain whispers: reflex save 6
Al: "Pssh not fit for someone of my Finesse, you may have it…"
GM: The fire that explodes from the chest does 4
GM: half to those who succeeded
Iuri: "I'd wager that Maz will enjoy it"

  • Al slides the box away from him in disgust
  • Al looks at the chest sitting in teh cupboard deciding on what to do next
  • Al picks up chest 2 and places it on the ground

GM: Boxes - 2, 3,5,7 left
GM: and the silver one
GM: 2 and 5 be evil

  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+14 Open Lock => 20 + 14 = 34

GM: The lock clicks
GM: He has done it with grace and style

  • Al smiles as he takes of the lock and opens the chest

GM: Inside the box is an iron-bound tome, carved with diabolical looking runes
Iuri: "Lad, you said this is the evil box?" *as he steps ever closer to the box*

  • Al takes out the book looking at Iuri and Alain, "This is mine, you can have the cloak and crown, the only thing i want from these chest is this…"

Iuri: "I think not. Have the shabby clothes, that though be mine"

  • Al backs away from teh chest with the book in his left hand, his right going toward his rapiers hilt…

Alain: "And what gives either of you the right to lay claim to that?"
Al: "Claim the axe, Claim the rest of the chest… I just want this…"
Alain: "Let's just check the rest of the chests and get going. We can split the treasures later."
Al: "No, this is mine…. Ill pick the rest of the locks if i get to keep this, otherwise i wont do anything"
Iuri: *Sigh* "Alright lad, lets think about this….We are suppose to be sharing all this equally. I won't lay claim to it, but neither should you. We'll divide it all equally later."
Al: "I dont want any share except for this, Dont you understand i can get them back with this!"
Alain: "Get who back?"
Al: "My family… Please just let me have this!"
Alain: *Alain is immediately drawn to the silver chest and checks to see if he can open it, or if it's locked.*
Iuri: "And can you use the secrets inside yourself? You will need help either way and, for once I think the Human may be right in calling this one."
GM: It is locked, but you could probably force the lock without trouble
Al: "No! DOn't open that!"
Alain: "What? No way!" *Alain hastily tries to force the chest open.*
Iuri: "What are you doing!?"
Iuri: ((the time when we don't have the half-orc to barrel tackle him))
GM: The lock suddenly seems to click open of it's own accord. Inside, the box is about a third full of a white sand
Al: "No!"

  • Al attempts to shoulder rush Alain, knocking him away fromt he chest
  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+2 Str Check => 9 + 2 = 11

Alain: *Alain tries to withstand the shove.* (( Strength Check 13 ))
GM: Al seems almost to bounce off Alain

  • Iuri watches the sceen unsure of what to do
  • Al under pressure attempts to grab the box and drop the sand on the ground due to failure of knocking him over

Iuri: "Bleeding hell!" *attempts to jump in to stop both of them*

  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+5 => 11 + 5 = 16

GM: Iuri is actually positioned to be able to get in between
Iuri: Strength 22
GM: With Iuri's help, Al is unable to pull the box away
Al: "No!"
Al: "Get rid of the sand, its evil!"
Iuri: "Now, both of ye stop this!"
Alain: "Iuri, he's gone mad. That tome he's got is evil. I'm positive."
Iuri: "And you think you ain't mad, flinging this chest open like that? I should beat both of you until your senses come back!"
Al: "So your saying that something that will finally bring my family back, something that will help me with my evils is evil? I think you need to understand what evil is!!"
Iuri: "Right now, I don't care if that book be a devil in paper and this box be the holy mother of Asun Dwvir. We should all put them aside and sort this out."
Alain: "I agree. I don't know why, but I had a compulsion to open that chest. And that tome…. It's evil. An evil I don't understand and don't wish to understand."
Iuri: "Evil or not, it could be useful for who knows what. But going mad over it is not going to solve anything."
Iuri: "Al, just put the book down. I promise lad we won't touch it. If this idiot here tries anything he'll have 2 black eyes and a bloodied nose waking up in the care of the barkeep. We ALL need to go outside for a moment."
Iuri: "Clear our heads and after that if we all still can't agree then we'll agree to disagree and I'll let you two duke it out."
Alain: "I'm okay with that plan. All I know is so long as that tome is in mortal hands, I won't be putting this here chest down."
GM: A star shaped brand suddenly appears on Al's forehead

  • Al will roll up to Alain and attempt to destroy the chest holding the sand

Iuri: "Looks like reason ain't going to work here…"

  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+12 Tumble => 15 + 12 = 27

GM: Al easily tumbles past Iuri
Alain: *Alain readies his heavy mace.* "Boy, come to your senses before I have to beat them into you!"
GM: Roll init
Al: Initiative: 18

  • Joseph rolls: Initiative 19 => Invalid expression: Initiative 19

Alain: Initiative 16
Iuri has received initiative.

  • Iuri pulls out my club and attempts to thwack Al ((Attack: 18 non-lethal damage:7))

GM: that would be a hit
Iuri: ((i think that's a possible crit))
Could not execute the command: Unresolved value 'tokenType'
Al: 0 hitpoints!

GM: confirm crit?
Iuri: 8
Iuri: ((aww))
Al: 0 hitpoints!

GM: blah, stupid macro
GM: done?
Iuri: ya
Al has received initiative.

  • Al is shrouded in a wreath of flame

Al: *A small flame appears infront of the star shapped brand then extends around Al's forehead
Al: *it makes a halo type but on his skin on above it*

  • Al then makes an attack on the chest with his hand, when striking a flame appears on his hand aswell
  • Leslie rolls: 1d20+8+4 Attack roll on the chest => 5 + 8 + 4 = 17

GM: That does hit Alain's touch AC
Alain: Yeah. Easily.
GM: Oh, I think Alain gets an attack of opportunity….
Al: ((Nope))
Al: ((Got impoved Sunder))
GM: cause Al doesn't have improved unarmed strike

  • Leslie rolls: 1d4+1d6 Fire damage / Double that amount though => 3 + 1 = 4

GM: hang on one sec

  • Leslie rolls: 1d6+3+1d6 Cold Damage/ Double that amount => 5 + 3 + 2 = 10

GM: Al hits the box, nearly knocking it out of Alain's hands and cutting a gash into it, but he does not destroy it
Alain d'Larinsiv has received initiative.
Alain: *Alain drops his mace and attempts to hurl a handful of sand at Al.*
Alain whispers: Range Touch Attack? 20
GM: The sand strikes Al, and a bit hits Iuri too
GM: 1
Al: ((No chance of miss?))
GM: (he rolled the attack))
GM: 1
Iuri has received initiative.
Al: *The Fire "Halo" fades from Al's forehead"
Al: **
Al: "Um guys… I think i got by a trap a bit back, and I think i am ok now…"
Iuri: "If so then drop the book."

  • Al drops the book and his rapier

Iuri: "Now you lad. Drop the chest."
Alain: *Alain sets the chest down at his feet.* "Fine. Although I think the sand could be very useful for the rest of these ruins."
Iuri: "Now…" *walks over to Al and kicks the book away from the group* "No more fire and the like for now. I will have to study that later but not without a long stick or something… I think a bit of fresh air away from the evil chests would be good for now."
Al: "Your right… But i think now im attached to that book…." *touches the star on his forhead..*
Iuri: "All the more reason to study it but for now space would be good"
Al: ((can i walk?))
Alain: "Very well." *Alain takes the lead out of the room.*

  • Al follows
  • Iuri follows out behind everyone eyeing the book as he leaves the room, his brow furrowed

Alain: "So, Al, what's this you were saying about being 'attached' to the book?"
Al: "I think i kinda made a deal with a Demon, Aym to be exact, she promised me i could find my family… I agreed, she wanted me to destroy the chest, no… get rid of the sand… I was under some charm so i just agreed… Sorry i scared you all… *takes of the crown and throws it on the ground…* i must have looked stupid…"
GM: ugh, I hate to do this. Gonna have to call it a night
Alain: 'Kay.
GM: I have to be up ridiculously early tomorrow
Al: ((it was just getting good….))

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