gems: 5384 gp worth, no pearls or diamonds
10859 gp in bar form
narrow lacquered teak map case containing several beautiful, though now somewhat inaccurate, maps 52 10

Items Identified:

Artifacts, probably:
bizarre idol made of serpentine Really strong aura of transmutation, UNIDENTIFIABLE
Crystal sphere containing a black crystal sphere Really strong aura of illusion, UNIDENTIFIABLE
dark blue rune-embroidered cowled priest's robe Really strong aura of abjuration, UNIDENTIFIABLE
pen and quill set, wrought silver, of extraplanar origin Really strong aura of divination, UNIDENTIFIABLE
pulsating glyph etched moonstone Really strong aura of evocation, UNIDENTIFIABLE
silver and gold-wrought slave bracelets Really strong aura of enchantment, UNIDENTIFIABLE
Silver and jet athame carved with elf-runes Really strong aura of necromancy, UNIDENTIFIABLE
small rune engraved iron crucible Really strong aura of conjuration, UNIDENTIFIABLE

Feat tomes:
bronze banded leather tome reader gains a bonus feat (48 hrs reading) EARI
crocodile bound papyrus tome reader gains a bonus feat (48 hrs reading) TEREMUN
elegantly embossed leather journal reader gains a bonus feat (48 hrs reading) FLINT (TBD)
embossed leather sheath of papyrus scrolls reader gains a bonus feat (48 hrs reading)
fox-fur bound tome with a copper lock reader gains a bonus feat (48 hrs reading)

Other Tomes:
gilded leather tome reader gains a spell-like ability - ROLLED RANDOMLY (48 hrs reading)
Gold inlaid hardwood bound spell book: reader gains a spell-like ability - ROLLED RANDOMLY (48 hrs reading)
gold-leafed vellum tome bound in basilisk hide: reader gains - Alter Self 1/day (48 hrs reading) (EARI)
glowing gold-trimmed ivory tome: reader learns to speak celestial (48 hrs reading)
arcane rune-etched orichalcum tome: manual of bodily health (+1) (48 hrs reading)
heavy bronze-bound parchment tome: reader gains +5 to craft skill of choice (48 hrs reading)
highly polished silver book of alchemy discusses process for creating the tanks
iron-reinforced leather bound text Tome of Ancient Lore

  • Price (Item Level): 5,500 gp (10th)
  • Body Slot: —
  • Caster Level: 20th
  • Aura: Strong; (DC 25) transmutation
  • Activation: 1 hour; see text
  • Weight: 2 lb.
  • This ancient, leather-bound book is stuffed to overflowing with yellowing sheets of parchment. A boon to arcane spell casters of all sorts, a tome of ancient lore contains every conceivable spell. Perusing it for 1 hour gives you a +5 competence bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft checks made that day, provided that you are neutral, neutral good, neutral evil, lawful neutral, or chaotic neutral. The hour spent studying the tome is in addition to any time you spend preparing spells.
  • Relic Power: Though the pages
 of this book contain all the world's arcane knowledge, a tome of ancient lore is cursed with a deliberately confusing, 
ever-changing system of cross-referencing. Because its pages constantly rearrange themselves, apparently at random, finding any useful information by browsing 
the book is impossible. However, if you have established the proper divine connection, you can use a tome of ancient lore
 while preparing arcane spells to prepare a single spell that isn't in your spell book.
  • You have a 50% chance of finding any arcane spell of the highest level you can cast, and a 100% chance to find any other spell that you can cast. The book functions in this manner once per day. To use the relic power, you must worship Boccob and either sacrifice a 5th-level divine spell slot or have the True Believer feat and at least 9 HD. Substitute Boccob for any god of magic

luminar inlaid orichalcum bound grimoire of elvish religious rituals Gives reader a permanent +5 bonus to knowledge (religion) checks (48 hrs reading)
Moonsilver and ivory bound book tome discussing various methods for living beings to reach the celestial planes
platinum bound tome made of thin hammered steel sheets Written by Sivetlamo, discusses how to create the portals
rawhide bound parchment journal Journal of Kimbran, seneschal of Gurthang Keep
rune etched lead-bound grimoire tome discussing various methods for living beings to reach the infernal planes
shabby cloth bound book embroidered in yellow Tome of Worldly Memory

  • Price (Item Level): 1,500 gp (5th)
Body Slot: — (held)
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Faint; (DC 16) transmutation
Activation: 1 minute or 1 standard
action; see text
Weight: 1 lb.

  • This small book is bound in hammered silver and engraved with the continents of the world.
 A tome of worldly memory allows you to
call upon the secret memories of the world to aid you in unlocking forgotten knowledge. By studying the book for 1 minute, you gain
a +5 competence bonus on a single Knowledge check.
The tome functions three
times per day.
If you have at least 5
ranks in the Knowledge skill in question, you need only peruse the book as a standard action to gain its benefit.

  • Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous
 Item, fox's cunning.
 Cost to Create: 750 gp, 60 XP, 2 days.

silver chased blueleaf covered tome Journal of Ithacus, steed of Dalthatlo
slate-bound vellum tome with a steel lock once unlocked, there is a small stone set into the inside front cover (glyph seal, greater), otherwise, this is a blank spell book
tattered archaic vellum grimoire Tome of the Stilled Tongue
thick red silk bound papyrus scroll Journal of Tambarv, seneschal of Morgai Keep
vellum tome bound with marbled glass Zahirah's journal, written in magically protected code
white dragon emblazoned tome Journal of Saghir, seneschal of Thauron Keep

a fire-blackened oak staff shod with meteoritic steel at its base, the head of the staff is carved in the shape of a fanged serpent with two rubies as eyes staff of healing (charges 29) (16,095gp)
amber tipped crystal wand- wand of cure serious wounds (charges 22) 4950

Wondrous Items:
ancient black diamond dragon amulet: amulet of health (+4)
black feathered talisman: amulet of undead turning
brightly gleaming emerald bear: Can turn into a dire bear 2/day
Constellation etched silver and gemstone sundial: Locate person within one mile
demonic phylactery, gold with black star sapphire gemstones: Protects wearer from the ill affects of traveling in hell
gruesome malachite inlaid wooden troll mask psionic universal item: crystal mask of knowledge
Hourglass filled with crystal dust dorje: plane shift, psionic (5th level) (charges 15)
miniature scale carriage turns into a carriage 8 hours per day
Pearl inlaid mirrored locket pearl of power (3rd level)
Phoenix painted darkwood box incinerates everything placed inside
polished orange and yellow circlet of sunflowers psicrown: cautious warrior (points/level 279/9)
polished shallow runesilver bowl etched with runes: Scrying bowl
radiant floating silver sphere of light: stone of alarm, Also glows with light in a 60' radius when the command word is given"
ruby-eyed gold dragon locket allows the wear to speak and understand all the draconic tongues, plus gain a +5 bonus to diplomacy and bluff when dealing with dragons
silver-trimmed snakeskin cloak Allows the wearer to shapeshift into a medium viper or huge constrictor 1/day
Spiralled silver and crystal goblet set with freshwater pearls Everfull mug
swirled purple crystal teardrop earrings grant water breathing
talisman of unknown origin, silver with black opal gemstone Protects wearer from the ill affects of travelling in the elemental plane of earth
talisman of unknown origin, silver with black star sapphire gemstone Protects wearer from the ill affects of travelling in elemental plane of air
talisman of unknown origin, silver with blue sapphire gemstone Protects wearer from the ill affects of travelling in the elemental plane of water
talisman of unknown origin, silver with fiery yellow corundum gemstone Protects wearer from the ill affects of travelling in the elemental plane of fire
Winter wolf-skin vest cold resist 5
black winged bat shaped steel amulet- Fly for 10 rounds per day 3000
runed rod- Device activates another device

Silver ring set with a triquerta-etched lapis lazuli ring of force shield
entwined pale blue sapphire ring of lilies ring of sonic resistance, minor

blue-trimmed steel chainmail- +2 Energy Immunity 16350
carefully crafted steel chainshirt trimmed with gray fur- +3 Styptic 16350
ivory and jade decorated lizardskin vest- +2 Retaliation 16350
jade flecked steel chainmail vest- +2 Shadow, Silenced 11850
light moonsilver chain shirt- +3 Improved Agility 12350
reddish colored steel chainmail patterned with a sunburst- +2 Mindarmor 7350
gold inlaid elvish moonsilver full plate mail- +3 Deathward 16350
hawk etched mithral breastplate (small)- +2 Quickness, Commander, Called 13350
gray leather breastplate and greaves- +1 blurring, greater 8350
coat of arms crested steel knight's shield- +3 Ghost Ward 16350
flame patterned light mahogany shield- +2 fire resistance, called 24350
frosted steel shield rimmed in copper- +2 Fortification, light 8350
Massive tower shield enameled with a blue dragon- +2 animated 16350
Silver-rose crested black steel shield- +3 Ranged 16350

Amber hilted steel dagger etched with flames- glowing +1 dagger, flaming burst 18350
ash-hafted silvered steel glaive- +1 human bane 8350
black steel rapier with a red leather hilt- +1 paralyzing 8350
bloodstone hilted steel broadsword- +2 Profane Burst 32350
celestial etched silver flame dagger +1- Magebane, Pyschokinetic 18350
diamond edged drathain great axe +2- Thundering 18350
ebony handled steel knife with rune-etched blade +1- Souldrinking 32350
eye etched steel kama on a blueleaf haft- +2 Revealing 18350
graceful spiral carved ebony crescent spear- +2 Aberration bane, Dispelling 32350
heavy drathian greataxe on a sun patterned steelwood haft- +2 Hunting, Morphing 32350
knotwork etched steel longsword with an anthromorphic hilt- +2 Greater Dispelling 18350
silver-plated steel longsword with jet jewel in hilt (Small)- +2 Warning 18350
Elegantly curved longsword with a leather wrapped hilt- Swordbow 6375
emerald inlaid steelwood short bow- +2 Banishing 32350
Gilded yew composite shortbow- +2 Force 32350
mother-of-pearl inlaid mahogany recurve bow- +1 Heavenly Burst/Holy 32350

green glass vial of a curdled looking brown liquid- Neutralize Poison
steel vial of a sweet smelling amber liquid- Water Breathing

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