Makarios District

Council Members

Lord Theodotos Stathis of Adara (Human Cleric)


The Artisan's Barrel

The Artisan’s Barrel serves a good meal and a fine beer. Many famous bards are said to have gotten their start here, and even High Council Members have been spotted taking in a show or two. There is always something to see at the Artisan’s Barrel.

The Harlot's Inn

The Conjuress' Bottle


Other Places of Interest

The Arena

The arena is hosted by Lord Theodotos Stathis. Gladiators come from all over the world to compete here in various tournaments, usually on behalf of a sponsor or for large prizes. By Shieldmeet law, it is illegal to have a match 'to the death', but deaths in the ring are nontheless common. As sponsors often gain prestige when their 'heroes' win, political rivals often ensure their rival's champions meet 'accidental' deaths.

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