Melee Weapon Properties
Book Power Description Cost Plus
D224 Bane +2 bonus, +2d6 damage against one type of creature 1
M29 Berserker +1d8 damage while raging; two-handed weapons only 1
M29 Binding 2/day dimensional anchor on target for 10 minutes 1
M29 Blessed Gains some bless weapon traits 1
M29 Bloodfeeding Stores blood points that can be released for extra damage 1
M29 Bloodstone Stores and empowers one vampiric touch spell 1
M30 Brash Rage lasts for 3 additional rounds, immune to fear effects 1
M30 Brutal surge 1 + Con bonus times per day, make powerful bull rush attack 1
M31 Chargebreaker Charging targets knocked prone 1
M31 Charging +2d6 damage on charge attacks while mounted 1
M31 Corrosive +1d6 acid damage 1
M32 Deadly precision +1d6 damage on sneak attack or sudden strike 1
D224 Defending Add enhancement bonus to AC 1
M32 Defensive surge 1 + Int bonus times per day, +2 to AC for one turn if using Combat Expertise or fighting defensively 1
M32 Dessicating +1d4 damage, +1d8 damage to plants and water elementals 1
M32 Dislocator 3/day struck target teleported up to 10 ft. 1
M33 Dispelling 3/day struck target subject to dispel magic 1
M33 Divine wrath Expend turn undead use to imbue weapon with divine power 1
M33 Dragondoom 3/day deliver smite attack against creature of dragon type 1
M34 Eager Various speed-themed bonuses 1
M35 Fiercebane As bane, extra benefits against bane type or subtype 1
D224 Flaming +1d6 fire damage 1
D224 Frost +1d6 cold damage 1
D224 Ghost touch Deals damage normally to/can be used by incorporeal creatures 1
M35 Harmonizing Various bonuses to bardic music 1
M36 Hunting +4 on weapon damage rolls against favored enemies 1
M36 Illusion bane 1/day destroy illusions, ignore miss chance from illusion effects 1
M37 Impact Double threat range, bludgeoning weapons only 1
M37 Impaling 3/day treat next attack before end of turn as touch attack, piercing weapons only 1
M38 Incorporeal binding As ghost touch, incorporeal target loses some incorporeal traits for 1 round 1
D225 Keen Double threat range, piercing or slashing weapons only 1
D225 Ki focus Use ki attacks as if unarmed 1
M38 Knockback 3/day pushes back target 5 ft. 1
M38 Lucky 1/day reroll one failed attack roll 1
M38 Magebane Extra benefits against arcane spellcasters, invokers 1
M38 Maiming On critical hit, deal extra damage based on critical multiplier 1
D225 Merciful +1d6 damage, all damage is nonlethal on command 1
D225 Mighty cleaving One additional cleave attempt per round if you have Cleave feat 1
M39 Mighty smiting +2 on smite's attack roll and damage roll, one extra smite per day 1
M39 Mindfeeder Cain 1 temporary power point per 5 points of critical hit damage dealt 1
M39 Morphing Can become any melee or thrown weapon of same size and type 1
M39 Paralyzing 1/day target paralyzed for up to 10 rounds 1
M40 Power storing Stores single targeted power of up to 5 power points 1
M40 Profane +1d6 damage to living creatures, various evil-themed abilities 1
M41 Psychokinetic +1d4 force damage 1
M42 Resounding On successful attack, allies gain +1 morale bonus on attacks and against fear for 1 round 1
M42 Revealing Struck target subject to faerie fire 1
M42 Sacred +1d6 damage to undead or +2d6 to evil outsider, good-aligned for overcoming DR 1
M42 Screaming +1d4 sonic damage 1
M43 Shattermantle Struck target's spell resistance reduced by 2 for 1 round 1
M43 Shielding Transforms into heavy steel shield on command, light weapons only 1
D225 Shock +1d6 electricity damage 1
M43 Soulbound Stores up to 2 points of essentia for enhancement bonuses 1
M44 Soulbreaker As enervating, negative levels from enervating property might be permanent 1
M44 Souldrinking As enervating, on critical hit gain 5 temporary hp, +2 on melee damage rolls 1
D225 Spell storing Store single targeted spell of up to 3rd level 1
M44 Spellstrike Transfer enhancement bonus to saves against spells or spell-like abilities 1
M44 Stygian 3/day next attack bestows negative level on target for 10 minutes 1
M44 Sundering Attack as Improved Sunder, +1d6 damage on sunder attacks 1
M44 Sweeping +2 on Strength checks to trip an opponent with the weapon 1
D226 Throwing Range increment of 10 ft., can be thrown 1
D225 Thundering Deals sonic damage, deafens on critical hit 1
M45 Venomous 3/day coat weapon in poison dealing 1d4 initial and secondary Str damage 1
D225 Vicious +2d6 damage, 1d6 damage to you on every attack 1
M46 Warning +5 on initiative 1
M46 Weakening On critical hit, target takes - 4 to its Strength 1
M46 Whirling 3/day strike all adjacent opponents as Whirlwind Attack 1
M28 Acidic burst As corrosive, extra acid damage on critical hit 2
D223 Anarchic +2d6 damage against lawful creatures 2
M28 Aquan Extra benefits against creatures with fire subtype 2
M28 Auran Extra benefits against creatures with earth subtype 2
D223 Axiomatic +2d6 damage against chaotic creatures 2
M28 Banishing 3/day banish a struck creature back to its home plane 2
M29 Blindsighted 3/day gain blindsight out to 30 ft. for 1 minute 2
M29 Blurstrike 10/day first attack made in round treats target as flat-footed 2
M31 Collision +5 damage on each successful attack 2
M31 Consumptive +1d8 damage against living creatures 2
M32 Dessicating burst As desiccating, extra desiccating damage on critical hit 2
M32 Disarming +2 on disarm attempts, you cannot be disarmed 2
M33 Dislocator, great 3/day struck target teleported up to 30 ft. 2
M33 Dispelling, greater 3/day struck target subject to greater dispel magic 2
D224 Disruption Destroy undead (bludgeoning weapons only) 2
M33 Domineering Struck target shaken for 1 minute 2
M33 Doom burst On critical hit, target shaken for 5 rounds 2
M34 Energy aura +ld6 damage of energy type of choice 2
M34 Energy surge As prerequisite property, 1 + Con bonus times/day, +3d6 energy damage 2
M34 Enervating On critical hit, bestow one negative level on living target for 1 hour 2
D224 Flaming burst +ld6 fire damage, extra fire damage on critical hit 2
M35 Fleshgrinding Lodges in creature and deals normal damage for 5 rounds; piercing or slashing weapons only 2
M35 Ghost strike As ghost touch, can deal sneak attacks and critical hits to undead 2
M36 Heavenly burst On critical hit, +3d6 damage and blinding effect to evil creatures 2
D225 Holy +2d6 damage against evil creatures 2
D225 Icy burst +ld6 cold damage, extra cold damage on critical hit 2
M36 Ignan Extra benefits against creatures with water subtype 2
M37 Illusion theft As illusion bane, 1/day steal illusions 2
M37 Impedance Impedes struck target's ability to create spell effects 2
M38 Metalline Change composition to adamantine, silver, cold iron, or steel 2
M39 Mindcrusher Struck psionic target loses power points, nonpsionic target takes Wis damage 2
M39 Paralytic burst On critical hit, target paralyzed for 1 round 2
M40 Parrying +1 to AC, +1 on saves 2
M40 Profane burst As profane, on critical hit, extra negative energy and Con damage 2
M41 Psibane Extra benefits against psionic creatures 2
M41 Psychic Gains enhancement bonus based on power point reserve 2
M41 Psychokinetic burst As psychokinetic, extra force damage on critical hit 2
M42 Sacred burst As sacred, extra positive energy and Cha damage on critical hit 2
M42 Screaming burst As screaming, extra sonic damage on critical hit 2
D225 Shocking burst +ld6 electricity damage, extra electricity damage on critical hit 2
M43 Soulbound, greater Stores up to 4 points of essentia for enhancement bonuses 2
M44 Stunning As screaming, struck target stunned for 1 round on critical hit 2
M45 Terran Extra benefits against creatures with air subtype 2
M45 Transmuting Transforms to overcome target's damage reduction 2
D225 Unholy +2d6 damage against good creatures 2
M45 Vampiric +ld6 damage to living creatures, healed of amount equal to extra damage 2
D225 Wounding +1 point Con damage 2
M30 Bodyfeeder Cain temporary hp equal to half damage dealt by critical hits 3
M31 Cursespewing On critical hit, bestows curse for 1 minute 3
M34 Ethereal reaver As the ghost touch property, and continuous see invisibility 3
M36 Holy surge As holy, 1 + Cha bonus times per day, +3d6 damage to evil target 3
M37 Implacable Target loses 2 hp/round for 5 rounds 3
M39 Necrotic focus Deal ability drain and bestow negative levels as with natural weapons 3
D225 Speed Extra attack with full attack 3
M44 Stunning surge +1 Cha bonus times per day, target stunned for 1 round 3
M45 Unholy surge As unholy, 1 + Cha bonus times per day, +3d6 damage to good target 3
D224 Brilliant energy Sheds light, ignores armor bonuses to AC and nonliving matter 4
D224 Dancing Fights on its own for 4 rounds, on command 4
D225 Vorpal Sever foe's head on critical hit; slashing weapons only 5
M28 Aquatic Freedom of movement underwater 2,000
M31 Changeling Change length and appearance of spear at will; spears, shortspears, and longspears only 2,000
M34 Everbright 2/day blinding effect, weapon is immune to acid damage and rusting 2,000
M36 Hideaway Collapses to two size categories smaller, easy to conceal 2,000
M36 Illuminating Bright illumination to 20 ft., shadowy illumination to 40 ft. 500
M38 Manifester 1/day draw 5 power points from weapon when manifesting power 12,000
M40 Prismatic burst On critical hit, target subject to prismatic spray 30,000
M43 Shadowstrike 1/day add 5 ft. to reach and deny target Dex bonus to AC 5,000
M43 Sizing Changes size category on command 5,000
M43 Slow burst On critical hit, target slowed for 3 rounds 5,000
M45 Vanishing 1/day after attack, transport self and gear up to 60 ft. as dimension door 8,000
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