Myths Of Falkor


The Clever Cloak

Falkor has a legend of a magic cloak that when worn, can turn the wearer into any animal desired. The cape however, is choosy about it’s wearer, and should any it finds foolish attempt to don it, the cloak permanently transforms them into a form it finds more suitable to their nature. Then it vanishes, seeking a better master.

Eyes of Violet

An ancient prophecy states that the one who will ignite the final war of the gods will be born with violet eyes. The same prophecy states that another born with violet eyes shall lead Falkor into an age of glory. Thus those born with violet eyes are viewed with great superstition.


The Falkorans believe the only way to be assured of a journey to heaven is to die courageously in battle. Should they die on a battlefield, with a weapon at hand, they are taken up by Valkyries and flown to Valhalla, where they can make merry battle for the rest of eternity. Thus in Falkor it is accounted a horrible curse to be told ‘may you die an old man in your bed’

Recovery of Thor’s Hammer

Once upon a time it happened that Thor's hammer fell into the possession of the giant Thrym, who buried it eight fathoms deep under the rocks of Jotunheim. Thor sent Loki to negotiate with Thrym, but he could only prevail so far as to get the giant's promise to restore the weapon if Freya would consent to be his bride. Loki returned and reported the result of his mission, but the goddess of love was quite horrified at the idea of bestowing her charms on the king of the Frost giants. In this emergency Loki persuaded Thor to dress himself in Freya's clothes and accompany him to Jotunheim. Thrym received his veiled bride with due courtesy, but was greatly surprised at seeing her eat for her supper eight salmons and a full grown ox, besides other delicacies, washing the whole down with three tuns of ale. Loki, however, assured him that she had not tasted anything for eight long nights, so great was her desire to see her lover, the renowned ruler of Jotunheim. Thrym had at length the curiosity to peep under his bride's veil, but started back in affright and demanded why Freya's eyeballs glistened with fire. Loki repeated the same excuse and the giant was satisfied. He ordered the hammer to be brought in and laid on the maiden's lap. Thereupon Thor threw off his disguise, grasped his redoubted weapon, and slaughtered Thrym and all his followers.


All For Me Grog
And it's all for me grog, me jolly jolly grog
All for me beer and tobacco
For I spent all me tin on the lassies drinking gin
Far across the western ocean I must wander

Where are me boots, me noggin', noggin' boots?
They're all gone for beer and tobacco
For the heels they are worn out
And the toes are kicked about
And the soles are looking out for better weather


Where is me shirt, my noggin', noggin' shirt?
It's all gone for beer and tobacco
For the collar is all worn,
And the sleeves they are all torn
And the tail is looking out for better weather

And it's all for me grog, me jolly jolly grog
All for me beer and tobacco
For I spent all me tin on the lassies drinking gin
Far across the western ocean I must wander

I'm sick in the head and I haven't been to bed
Since first I came ashore with me slumber
For I spent all me dough on the lassies movin' slow
Far across the Western Ocean I must wander

Chorus x 2

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