Myths Of Tatsuo

The Eternal Scrolls

Atop the celestial mountain sits the monk Wing Tho. From his vantage point, he can see across the world, and his enchanted eyes miss nothing. He writes the history of the world on an enchanted papyrus scroll, a scroll which holds the knowledge of the world. But to view the scroll comes at a terrible price, for the only way it can be read is to remove the scroll from the hands of Wing Tho. The price of ultimate knowledge is for the world to become no more.

The Phoenix

The legendary phoenix of Tatsuo is a harbringer of good fortune, and a poignant reminder that that all things fade, and all things rise again. So long as the people of Tatsuo endure, it’s eternal flame shall again burn bright and glorious.

The Wanderer

There is a wandering swordsman, descendent of a dragon. His footsteps mark the coming of strife and tragedy, for he always travels to where violence will be done.

Duty and Honor

Many Tatsuo stories speak of the sacrifices the truly noble make for duty and honor, and how the people are strengthened by such sacrifice. Stories in which the ‘heroes’ throw away duty and honor to achieve their heart’s desires are invariably tragedies.

The Seven Swords

Once, in a time of Tatsuo’s need, a great Tatsuo wise man gifted seven samurai with enchanted blades. With these blades the seven samurai turned the tide of war. Each blade had a power of the elements tied to it, lightning, thunder, fire, rain, wind, stone, and acid. From time to time other heroes have been said to wield one of these blades, but never since that time have the swords been reunited.


Lightning was last in the hands of a samurai called Istu. Istu fought many battles when the odds were against him, but never gave in to fear. When his master became jealous of Istu’s prowess, he ordered Istu to climb to the peak of a mountain and bring back a single red flower. Istu knew he was meant to die on this mission, but nontheless obeyed. Against all odds, he succeeded, and left behind a ruby as an offering to the spirit of the mountain. Istu met his end defending a dwarven village against a dragon, and it is believed that Lightning is now in dwarven hands.


Thunder was last said to have been wielded by the samurai Atshushi, who met his end battling giants far to the north.


Fire was last wielded by the samurai Hikaru, who put down the rebellion of the Thousand Arrows as general of the Noble Emperor Minoru’s army. It is thought that Fire may still reside in the noble house of Hikaru.


Rain was once the weapon of the samurai Nariaki, but when he fell before a demon, Rain was taken up by his daughter, Tamiyo. Tamiyo slew the demon, and the foul conjuror that summoned it forth, but was lost in the explosion of mystical energy that signaled the death of the conjuror. It is said that the explosion transported Tamiyo from this world into the realm beyond, and thus Rain is lost to this world.


Wind was the only blade to have been returned to the wise man, and it is said that the wise man still awaits the next samurai worthy to bear the blade.


Stone is believed to be part of the imperial treasury, perhaps even the ceremonial blade of the Emperor himself.


Acid fell into the hands of the samurai Sotatsu, and thus was lost to the forces of good when Sotatsu rebelled against the rightful Emperor. Various ninja clans have claimed possession of Acid since, but thus far all such claims have been false.

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