Myths Of Vasant

The Blood Ruby

Originally the size of a man’s fist, the ruby was placed in a crown for Maharajah Kritanta, a most brutal warlord. Kritanta once had elvish diplomats sealed inside urns, which were then tossed into a fire. The next day he served their roasted flesh to a group of gnomish tradesmen, telling them it was a rare Vasant delicacy. When he feared his son, age eight, was conspiring to take his throne, he had the boy dipped in molten gold and placed as a statue in his wife’s garden. It is believed that Kritanta met his death by poison, but so great was his evil that it tainted the crown. The next three Rajahs that wore it went mad. Eventually, the crown was destroyed, but a greedy jeweler set the broken pieces of the ruby into other pieces of jewelry. Where these stones went, evil followed, and the stones were reset many times by the unwary. Many in Vasant still consider rubies to be stones of ill fortune, and legends of Kritanta are still used to scare children.

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