Major NPCs

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Minor NPCs

Aben Hamar

Basira sage, your erstwhile employer. From soroush. May be a little bit possessed by Ekaterina, which has altered his personality considerably.



Aletha is about 30 years old and seems quite mad. There are a few light streaks of gray in her hair, and she currently has an unhealthy pallor due to her long confinement. Other than the gray and pallor, she looks surprisingly young for being Rayner's elder sister. Possibly due to her often behaving as a wide-eyed child. From letizia.

Lord Bartel

amareth council lord of Shieldmeet, and official sponsor of the Cryptic Crafts Consortium. He has provided papers bearing his official seal that give you some authority, including the ability to make arrests pertaining to this case, and giving you protection during your investigation. He does request that you let him know whose feathers you ruffle with those papers, and reminds you he can revoke those authorities if you abuse them.


2000 year old vampire, left guarding the artifact in sclavini


Human male from worden. Son of Hiram, whom Kazi and Feliks really don't like. Currently functioning as Aletha's bodyguard.

Llyssa Evinco

Amareth noble who was cousin to Angelus Evinco (PC-Vin—Dead) and also is sister to Idhrenion Crocifisso Evinco Anadrieril (PC- Cross). Wearing odd half-aprons carrying a decorative flair of blue flames and clouds and sporting a finely crafted breastplate she also boasts a beauty and charm about her. Under the hardcore warrior she seems to know a song or two and sings along with the bards lute from time to time. Stats can be obtained here:Llyssa Evinco on sheet
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