Old Ones

Few old ones are remembered. Those that are not forgotten are invoked merely for luck or as a charm or curse, not as deities. The old ones can no longer grant spells, and it is believed they are gone from the world.

Acnob - Beauty
Alaihm - Sailing
Alebhapie - Peace
Amariel - Freedom
Anraas - Lost Causes
Aterab - Pleasure
Hahazseliel - Children
Huspazta - Wine
Melroresiel - Gambling
Ocresoor - Home
Ozolen - Watery Death
Pebonael - Chance
Rohalots - Evil Knowledge
Romasiel - Dreams
Seson - Spite
Soton - Rogues
Tabtunalael - Competition
Tahasank - Prophecy
Talkuraton - Music
Tarab - Divination
Udonas - Intoxication
Xeat - Secrets
Zatepiorlup - Roads

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