Academy Necromica

The Academy Necromica was founded nearly one hundred and fifty years ago by the necromancer Xilian, who sought to establish a place where like-minded individuals could come together and share the secrets of the dark arts. Over the next two decades, Master Xilian slowly built up the organization, hand-picking members from those who respected (or worshiped) the power of death and undeath. Soon she had a cadre of necromancers, evil priests, and professional killers.
But the Academy was infiltrated by a paladin/rogue named Rion, who used his knowledge of the group’s inner workings to organize an assault by those who opposed them. Most of the Necromicans (as the Academy’s members call themselves) were destroyed, and Xilian herself was on death’s door when loyal minions spirited her away.
From the ashes of the Academy’s worst failure came its first great success. Unable to repair Master Xilian’s horribly broken body, the necromancers instead performed an unspeakable process upon her, turning her into a lich. With a newfound lease on unlife, Xilian swore vengeance upon her enemies. She knew that patience was her ally, and over the next century, quietly built up a secret but powerful organization dedicated to death and evil. Now, the time to strike approaches near, yet she hesitates, fearing the possibility of another setback.
Today, the Academy Necromica prides itself on its strict dedication to evil above petty politics, and thus remains basically neutral evil. Individual members may vary from this ideal, but the Academy itself rarely strays into either lawful or chaotic methods. Symbolic of this ideal is Xilian, the Master of the Academy and a powerful necromancer in her own right. As the organization’s founder and most powerful member, Xilian is possessed of a patience born of more than a century of unlife. She does not take unnecessary risks, though she also knows the value of personal involvement in times of crisis. She spends most of her time teaching the students of the Academy, as well as crafting long-range plans for the organization’s future.
As one might expect, the Academy welcomes both the living and the dead, and it numbers a few undead (vampires, spectres, and the like) among its membership. To join, one must only demonstrate an appreciation for the arts of death, whether that appreciation is scholarly or more…hands-on.


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