Blacklock Loreseekers

Formerly a small collection of rogues and wizards dedicated to unearthing lost scraps of knowledge, the Blacklock Loreseekers have become a large and powerful organization of adventurers. The guild has chapter houses in nearly every major city and many large towns, as well as in smaller outposts in outlying communities. As it has grown, the guild has become more focused on the mercantile aspects of adventuring, finding lost tombs and ancient artifacts with an eye toward profit rather than knowledge.
The Blacklock Loreseekers take their name from the guild’s founder, a gnome adventurer by the name of Kurgarn Blacklock. Kurgarn long sought leads to the whereabouts of an artifact held sacred by his clan, and after he grew too old to continue adventuring himself, he formed the loreseekers to guide the efforts of younger mercenaries. Although Kurgan always saw the organization as primarily focused on amassing knowledge, in the long years since his death, the guild has become far more concerned with the acquisition and resale of valuable treasures and magic items.
Although the Loreseekers’ focus on profit makes some suspicious of their motives, the group remains an adventuring-oriented organization and does not engage in thievery or other criminal activities. The guild offers its members ready access to adventuring leads of all kinds, and its minimal entrance requirements make it an excellent way for young explorers to find like-minded souls and learn of challenges suited to their limited experience.
The Blacklock Loreseekers require that members pay a 10 gp annual fee and register the name of their adventuring group.
Loreseeker affiliated adventuring groups gain a 5% discount on lodging in any city with a Loreseekers chapter house, access to the many small libraries maintained in these chapter houses, a ready source of adventuring leads and, perhaps most importantly, maps. The Loreseekers actively collect maps, and members are free to copy (but not remove) maps stored in the chapter house libraries.


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