The organization known as the Bloodhounds is dedicated to finding people and bringing them to justice (or whatever fate awaits them). Some members limit themselves to tracking down criminals; others are willing to hunt anyone for a client who can pay the price. The group’s leaders don’t concern themselves with such issues, only with maintaining the organization’s reputation as the place to go to find someone.
Bloodhounds can take any assignments they choose. Some jobs come directly from clients who contact individual members. Others come through the grapevine, since members pass word to each other. Individuals are fiercely competitive, and if one succeeds where another has failed, the winner gloats over the victory.
In fact, members often tell each other about the assignments they’ve taken, in effect challenging to beat them to the mark (their quarry). Members may work together, but most work alone or with nonmembers so that word spreads of their personal fame. Thus, whenever several Bloodhounds form a posse to catch a particularly elusive foe, word spreads far and wide.
Despite this rivalry, when a mark is too important to go free, a member can spread the word of a “free” bounty among the Bloodhounds. This means that any member who brings in the mark can claim the prize. Members who spread free bounties lose no face in the organization for doing so. Bloodhounds resent the concept of giving their earnings to anyone. Thus, the organization does not demand a portion of its members’ income. No official guildhalls or strongholds exist because no self-respecting member would limit herself to one base of operations.
Since so many of the group’s marks are human, rangers who have taken humans as favored enemies have an advantage in assignments. As a result, a large percentage of the membership is nonhuman, and differing alignments are rarely an impediment to teaming up. In fact, rumor has it that a good-aligned female elf and an evil-aligned male gnoll regularly work together, since between them they can function in any society. The gulf between their alignments is spanned by the bridge of their common goals.


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