College Of Concrescent Lore

This bardic college, one of the largest in existence, focuses on the acquisition of hidden lore, particularly of the historical or magical variety. Its members eagerly page through dusty tomes, seeking to uncover secrets about long dead societies, strange magical rituals, and other unusual topics.
A council of three administrators runs the college. Each has been a member for ten years or more and embraced at least three fields of study during that time. These three no longer conduct active research and instead review others’ findings, distribute reports, and maintain the membership list.
History and magical lore are the bread and butter of this college. Many of the world’s greatest historians are at least adjunct members, and several powerful wizards have joined the college to gain access to its magic texts. The study of history here has an archeological bent, and members focus on understanding the languages, architecture, rituals, and leaders of lost civilizations.
All significant member findings, from new discoveries to the results of long-term studies, are circulated to colleagues with relevant specialties. Thus, a member who specializes in Khepri history might receive field notes from an expedition to a newly discovered Khepri ruin, a translation of a poem that mentions a Khepri sorcerer-king, and a fragment of the fountain of blood spell that Khepri mages favor, all in the same month. Exactly who receives the results of particularly important research is currently the subject of bitter debate—some researchers are livid because they did not receive copies of studies they thought were vital to their own research. The college also has a strict policy that prohibits sharing research results with anyone outside the college. Centuries ago, this “no eyes but the learned” policy caused a split in the organization that led to the formation of the Talespinners League.
“Until we accumulate infinity” is the college’s motto. Collegians wear dark robes with red stripes encircling the upper sleeves.
The College of Concrescent Lore maintains a friendly rivalry with a similar group, the College of Arcanobiological Studies, and a not-so friendly rivalry with the Talespinners League. However, members give the cold shoulder to wizards “who just want to copy our books for the spells, not because they want to learn anything.”


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