Council of the Unseen Star

Purpose: Preserving and educating warlocks
Leadership: The council of three - Audra Roze (female half-elf warlock), Mihai Dragomir (male human warlock), Sandulf Evaric (male tiefling warlock)

The Council of the Unseen Star is dedicated to locating, teaching, and even breeding warlocks.

Their rules are simple:

  • Keep the existence of the Council a secret
  • Once initiated into the Council, you are always a member
  • Practice a policy of non-interference with one another, unless absolutely necessary to do otherwise
  • Do not kill one another, unless absolutely necessary
  • Do not turn one another in, under any circumstances
  • If a warlock is found, report him/her/it to the Council
  • Report any offspring to the Council and protect them in case your warlock blood breeds true
  • Return any lost warlock texts to the Council if at all possible, but better to destroy them than allow them to be used against your fellow warlocks

All warlocks are invited to the Council upon discovery of their talent. A small pentagram is tattooed in a discreet location upon initiation.

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