Daggerspell Guardians

Exotic spellcasters who wield matched pairs of daggers and deadly magical powers, the Daggerspell Guardians use their varied abilities to promote their own fair-minded sense of justice. Individual members lead adventuring parties, root out evil hiding in civilized communities, and act as self-appointed investigators and law enforcers when necessary. Groups rarely act together and instead concentrate on training new members, researching new spells, or perfecting new aspects of their unusual fighting style.
One of the most interesting aspects of the Daggerspell Guardians is their emphasis on both martial and magical power. Although they still focus on spellcasting as their primary means of dealing with foes, they all wield their twin daggers with surprising skill. Some use their spells to enhance their physical abilities and then enter melee, casting amid a whirlwind of flashing knives. Others use their spells to bring down foes and reveal their deadly sets of knives only when an enemy seeks to target a spellcaster who might look physically weak.


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