Dragonblade Ninjas

Long ago, a powerful family suffered a great betrayal at the hands of an ambitious prince. After the treachery, few of the family members or their most trusted retainers were left standing, and those who were still alive faced a hard choice: sacrifice their honor by fleeing, or perish against the overwhelming forces of their united enemies. While the bulk of the family stood and fought, a few of the remaining warriors were entrusted with escorting some of the family’s youngest members to a secret estate far to the north.
This ancient holding was kept hidden from all but a few of the family’s highest-ranking members because it concealed a secret greater than even the family’s honor. A dying silver dragon of great power had charged the family with guarding its last clutch of eggs, but due to a terrible curse put upon them by a rival dragon, the eggs took centuries to hatch. When the remaining family members arrived at the estate, they realized that they could not fail such a trust despite the setbacks they had encountered, and so they resigned themselves to fading into obscurity rather than appealing to other rivals of the traitorous prince for aid.
Because the premier warriors of the family had fallen in the betrayal, the clan was left without martial teachings of its own. After a few quiet centuries, the family name had been forgotten by all but a few jaded historians who toiled deep in the vast imperial libraries. Eventually the silver dragon’s eggs hatched, and as the dragons matured they learned of their great debt to the family. The young dragons left, and many human generations passed before one returned with a gift. Now grown to great power, the dragon Silverwing offered knowledge of the fighting techniques of a long-lost group of warriors who had mastered subtle skills.
After long periods of training under Silverwing’s tutelage, the new family warriors began to exact their vengeance for crimes long forgotten by the rest of the empire. They earned the name dragonblade ninjas from those few bystanders who saw them fight and lived to speak of it afterward. Within a few years, every last descendant of the traitorous prince had been killed, and the family’s vengeance was complete.
His debt repaid, Silverwing left the family to make his own choices about his role in the world. Generations later, the family still remains in hiding, although it now recruits a few trusted individuals into its ranks every few years. Without the dragon’s guidance or the burning quest of vengeance to drive it, however, the family’s will has fragmented, and its warriors pursue diverse and sometimes conflicting goals. Some wish to reveal themselves and claim their right as a prominent family. Others wish to remain in hiding and use their skills for profit and adventure. Still others take an even more sinister path, selling their lethal skills as assassins to anyone who can pay their high fees.
The vast majority of Dragonblade Ninja Clan members are born into the organization, but the group is not closed to outsiders. The clan remains very protective of its secrets and the identities of its most powerful leaders, but it still extends membership invitations to those who prove to be worthy allies and loyal companions. These rare instances of acceptance into the clan often involve a wandering dragonblade warrior who adventures with trusted companions and, after his comrades have proven their worth time and time again, invites them into the clan. Membership in the Dragonblade Ninja Clan is a lifelong commitment, and it is never to be undertaken lightly.


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