Holy Order Of The Silver Lance

The Holy Order of the Silver Lance is a revival of the original Silver Lances. The Silver Lances are trained by the elves, by long tradition.

1. In service be noble
2. Be merciful, generous, courteous, and humble, and seek not glory for thyself
3. By word and action speak only truth
4. Be courageous and recoil not from enemies
5. Be a shield for the helpless and a sword for the weak
6. Uphold always the just law of the land
7. Be diligent and industrious, for we are stewards of the land
8. In thought and action remain pure and true
9. Respect your fellows, be they friend or foe
10. Shed no innocent blood, nor allow innocent blood to be shed.
11. Death before dishonor
12. Know thou art answerable to God and the Holy Church


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