Shadowmind Guild

In the dark corners of the city, an elusive group of psionic spies ply their trade with uncanny skill. The Shadowmind Guild is a tight-knit band of high-level rogue/psions who use their varied skill sets to maintain anonymity while accepting commissions from wealthy and influential patrons.
The guild has no single specialty; most of its missions involve stealing something of value, using blackmail or psionic powers to influence the actions of a specific individual, or discovering a prized piece of information.
While they are willing to engage in activities such as theft and blackmail, the shadowminds are not yet wholly evil. They shy away from assassination unless they are avenging a deliberate attack, and they seldom work directly against the good of the kingdom or city in which they reside. The guild has no particular loyalty to monarch or community, but the organization’s leaders are smart enough to realize that a group as small as theirs would not likely survive an attack coordinated by a powerful ruler. The guild is willing to risk the enmity of individual nobles or wealthy merchants, but not the ire of an entire kingdom or city.
Because of the guild’s shadowy reputation and the fearsome combination of skills its members possess, few are willing to cross the shadowminds, and few can afford their rates. Thus, they often work on their own initiative to gather information, undertake special missions of their own design, and even adventure outside their home territory to hone their skills in different environments and open combat.
The exclusive Shadowmind Guild is slow to grant membership to even the most trusted of candidates. Membership is by invitation only, and the existing guild members take the time to be sure of the abilities and loyalty of every potential member. Since those with a predilection for both stealth and psionics are rare, the Shadowmind Guild is careful to monitor any such individuals within the city. Once a candidate’s varied abilities have developed to the point where she qualifies for the shadowmind prestige class, the guild decides whether or not to extend an invitation.


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