Sisters Of Mercy

During the Elvish civil war, women watched their children slaughtered while they were powerless to prevent it. They tried to tend the wounded and when overrun, were helpless to prevent the slaughter. And so, some picked up the weapons dropped by the slain men, and fought to defend their homes and those under their care.

It is from these women that the Sisters of Mercy were born. The Sisters of Mercy now consists primarily of two sects. The healers, and the warriors. However, regardless of the path walked, all sisters are trained in rudimentary healing and combat.

A Sister of Mercy raises her weapon only in defense of her own life or the lives of those under her protection. She does not attack or seek battle. The Sisters take this oath seriously, as it affords them protection. Because others know of this oath, the Sisters are allowed to go behind enemy lines safely to treat the wounded.


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