Templars are probably the most devout, single-minded, and driven crusaders in the world. Consumed with passion for the path they have chosen, they have little patience for those who are “blinded” by desire for material goods or personal power. All that matters, they believe and preach, is the fight against evil; as long as evil remains strong, there is important work to be done.
Sworn to the service of the Church of Samad, the pious templar is a holy warrior blessed by Samad with combat prowess and great endurance. He bears Samad's longsword into battle and fights his deity’s enemies without question or hesitation. In addition to defending the temple itself, a pious templar may be charged with additional duties, including a campaign to attack foes on their own home ground.

Some Templars function as Consecrated Harriers. The consecrated harrier acts as a bounty hunter for the Church of Samad. Where church inquisitors hunt evil and corruption within a church and other champions of good fight external forces of evil in general, a consecrated harrier hunts blasphemers, heretics, and those who betray or attack the church directly. For instance, a consecrated harrier might accept a mission to track down and kill an ogre that defiled a shrine, or to bring a heretic before the heads of the Church of Samad. The mission is always related to either a single, specific offense of blasphemy or defilement, or to the source of a heresy. The church assigns missions or targets as needed.


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