Wayfarer's Union

In lands where arcane spellcasters are common and magic is prevalent, people in a hurry can avail themselves of a particularly useful trick: hiring a wizard to cast teleport to take them where they need to go. The Wayfarers Union grew out of an effort to standardize the rates and procedures for such travel, to provide a medium through which willing spellcasters could earn the high fees associated with such services, and to give paying clients a way to quickly fi nd spellcasters capable of taking them where they want to go.
Wayfarers Union offices exist in a number of cities. Most offices are small, each serving as a base for no more than two or three spellcasters—who are rarely to be found sitting around and waiting for potential clients. Instead, the wayfarers retain a small staff of nonspellcasting agents to “work the desk.” When a client comes in seeking quick transportation transportation,
the agents contact whichever union spellcaster happens to be available. A wayfarer can usually be ready to travel within the hour, but it’s not unusual for all the union spellcasters in an office to be away at the same time or booked ahead by other clients, so that additional teleportation services might not be available for several days. Offices in large or prosperous cities tend to have more union spellcasters available, with correspondingly shorter and fewer periods of unavailability.
The Wayfarers Union prides itself on delivering its customers to any location that can be identified and sufficiently described, although any union member reserves the right to refuse transportation to a particularly dangerous or imprecise destination.

Service Cost*
Teleport, one-way, very familiar area 900 gp
Teleport, one-way, studied area 1,080 gp
Teleport, one-way, area seen casually 1,260 gp
Teleport, one-way, area viewed once 1,440 gp
Teleport, one-way, description only 1,620 gp
Greater teleport 1,820 gp
Teleportation circle, very familiar area 3,060 gp
Scroll of teleport 1,125 gp
Scroll of greater teleport 2,275 gp
  • Includes return travel of union caster. All costs cut by 25% with a contract for ten or more travel spells. All costs to hazardous locales are doubled.


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