Other Myths



No one knows who crafted Kementari. Some say it was crafted by faeries that have long since abandoned this world. It is said that in times of crisis, when the world is in danger of growing truly imbalanced, Kementari will find itself a wielder. Kementari is always a weapon, though its’ form seems to change. Though a weapon, it rarely seems to be used in battle. Regardless of it’s form, it always bears the words somewhere upon it ‘Life and Death eternally balanced’
It’s first recorded wielder (given no name, they never are, for Kementari does not come to those who seek glory for themselves) came from a land far away, then the druids were facing a time of trouble in the land of Righnach. Strange creatures were devastating the forest. The wielder taught the druid circle how to deal with these aberrant beings, providing them with the new magic and knowledge they needed. The wielder vanished, leaving Kementari, in the form of a scythe, behind.
Kementari was held in trust for years, until the woods were threatened by a strange sickness. The Grand Druid meditated, and after he received a vision, he gave Kementari to a young druidess and told her to go into the woods, taking nothing else with her. There, she fasted and listened to the trees, trusting in nature to give her the wisdom she needed. Finally the words of the trees were understood by her ears, and they guided her to the plant that provided the cure for the sickness. Kementari was left behind again, this time in the form of a sickle.
For a time, Kementari lay forgotten. After the elf war, the drow befouled many waters. The last surviving member of a druid circle took up Kementari, which took the form of a spear to his hand. He anointed the spear with water from a sacred spring, fasting and meditating to purify the spear. He then built a small boat, and floated in the murky waters. Guided unerringly by the point of Kementari, he found the foul, twisted aberration polluting the water. He struck the corrupt beast with Kementari, calling upon the forces of nature as he did so. A great storm rose upon the water, and when the rain ended, the waters were pure once more.

Fey - Songs (in Sylvan)


Hear my silent prayer
Heed my quiet call
When the dark and blue surround you
Step into my sigh
Look inside the light
You will know that I have found you

Fairy’s Love Song

Why should I sit and sigh?
Pulling bracken, pulling bracken
Why should I sit and sigh?
On the hill so dreary
When I see the plover rising
Or the curlew wheeling
Then I trow my mortal lover
Back to me is stealing

Fare well Night

Fare well night with mists o’er shrouded
Fare well star and twilight gloom
Welcome sunshine un be clouded
Winter makes for mayday room

Heaven and earth Isle and ocean
Frith and firth sing for mirth

Gold bright sun of springs new morning
Rising o’er the crests of hills
Dance now in thy robes of splendor
White the Easter clarion trills

Earth’s fair mantle green and glistening
Soften’d by the April showers
Burgeon forth to great life’s hero
Yield your ransom scent and flowers


Hear me cry
In my hungering search for you
Taste my breath on the wind
See the sky
As it mirrors my colours
Hinds and whispers begin

I am living to nourish you, cherish you
I am pulsing the blood in your veins
Feel the magic and power of surrender to life
(Uisce Beatha)

Every finger is touching and searching
Until your secrets come out
In the dance as it endlessly circles
I linger close to your mouth


Curl up, close your eyes and sleep
Sleep through the dark of night
Sleep till the morning light
Curl up, close your eyes and sleep

Curl up, close your eyes and dream
Think of the want you feel
Dream now, and dream it real
Curl up, close your eyes and dream

Tomorrow the world will be yours
Tomorrow will be so fine -
The heavens will smile, the sun will shine
Tomorrow the world will be yours

Curl up, close your eyes and sleep…

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