Daily Life


Centaurs are astrologists to rival the dragons and historians to rival the elves. They do have a more neutral view of history than the elves, and are thus occasionally useful for getting a more unbiased view. Centaurs as a rule try to look at the world from a neutral fashion, though they are basically a good people. They do have tempers though, and it's said once you make an enemy of a centaur, you have an enemy for life.






Social Classes


Specific Nations

Centaurs in Shieldmeet

There are maybe 10 centaurs living in Shieldmeet, though none that consider themselves permanent residents.

Relations with other Nations

Centaurs live mainly in Makarios, but some dwell in the plains between Righnach and Amareth, and have fairly good relationships with both nations (despite the fact that both nations are often at war with each other). Centaurs were once far more numerous, but many of them were killed during the elven civil war. They tend not to get as far west as Sclavini, as the mountains can be treacherous. Some more primitive centaurs dwell in the goblin wilds. Centaurs are welcome in the elf lands and some live there.

Character Creation Info

• +1 Level Adjustment
• +2 Strength, -2 charisma
• Base land speed of 40 feet.
• +1 Natural Armor bonus.
• Natural Weapons: 2 Hooves(1d4+strength),
• Favored Class: Ranger
• Proficient with all simple weapons, and with Longbow, Composite Longbow, Longsword.

Starting Languages

Regional Feats

Alertness, Diligent, Investigator, Open Minded, Able-Learner, Centaur Trample, Storm Magic, Archivist of Nature, Master of Knowledge, Blackmoorian Rhymes, Elflore, Heir of Lendore, Sagacious Method, Well Read, Bullheaded, Furious Charge, Gift of Discernment, Grim Visage, Gatekeeper Initiate, Knight Training, Powerful Charge, Research, Improved Natural Armor, Portents

Regional Weapons

Club, Dagger, Duom, Double Bow - Elven, Flail, Flail - Heavy, Flail - Dire, Gauntlet, Harpoon, Javelin, Lance, Longbow, Spear, Shortspear, Bastard Sword, Mace - Light, Mace - Heavy, Maul, Pick - Heavy, Pick - Light, Pick - Dire, Shortbow, Sickle, Spearthrower, Stabaxe, Sword - Butterfly

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