Gray Elf

Physical Description

The Gray Elves have black hair and blue or violet eyes. They are slightly smaller than the High Elves.


Gray Elves are credited with being masters of abjuration and divination, as well as being the foremost scholars. Their cities are built around great universities and libraries, and the Gray Elves pursue their fields of study with great diligence. Gray Elves are usually willing teachers, though many consider instruction short-lived races to be a waste of time. Gray Elves average 5’8” in height and live approximately 800 years.
Gray Elves are at once the most noble and most reclusive of the elves. They have withdrawn from the world after making their mark, which was to ensure that the world was well on the path to goodness. The Gray Elves view themselves as the protectors of good in the world, but they will stir from their magnificent cities to protect the "lesser" races only when they are faced with great evil.
Gray Elves act much like human knights—supercilious and condescending, full of their own importance. They think nothing of speaking their minds, provided that this remains within the bounds of elven decorum. They are often haughty, disdaining contact with most others, including all other elves save Gray Elves.
This subrace garbs themselves in silk tunics of gold, silver, white, or yellow. Over these, they wear cloaks of dark blue or purple. Their dress alone often makes them the most striking of the elves, and their elegant bearing and pure beauty make them almost appear as supernatural creatures.
When arming themselves for battle, they don shimmering suits of plate or chain mail, protecting the head with winged helmets. Their weapons, created by master elf crafters, shine brightly under any light. Mounted warriors ride griffons or hippogriffs into battle, swooping down upon their enemies with dreadful perfection.
While not exactly bigoted toward other races, the Gray Elves do believe in the purity of the elven line. They are the least tolerant of other races, and they take pains to ensure that their homelands remain secluded from all—sometimes even other elves. Only the mightiest mages of other races are allowed within their citadels, and these are greeted with suspicion. The Gray Elves are not rabid in their dislike of the shorter-lived races, even acting as tutors to the humans and attempting to teach them to live in true civilization.
Because of their reverence for the sanctity of elven blood, Gray Elves have striven to maintain their original ideals. They consider themselves to be the purest form of all elves. They believe that, since the other elves do not concern themselves with maintaining their purity, their role in the elven world is less than that of the Gray Elves. These elves feel that they are the "true" elves and that others are somehow lesser versions. The Gray Elves staunchly believe this to be true, despite the fact that they are an offshoot of the original high elf line.
Of all elves, Gray Elves rely the most on their intelligence. While other elves are by no means stupid, Gray Elves trust less in physical prowess than they do the mind. Their entire existence is based on developing and discovering new knowledge, and they therefore spend less time on the pleasurable pursuits that occupy other elves' lives. Their mages and philosophers are without peer in the elven world. Even mages of greater power from other races speak of the knowledge of the Gray Elves with no small measure of fascination.
Gray Elves have the most extensive libraries of anyone in the world. Any Gray Elves community of more than 50 years will have a communal library rivaling those of any major city or wizard. Such libraries are open to all elves who wish to better themselves and increase their knowledge. Since the Gray Elves value the constant expansion of their stores of books, many spend their lives in research (either magical or scientific), writing learned treatises.
Because they spend so much time in research, Gray Elves often have little time to spare for physical labor, although this does not preclude craftsmanship. In order to maintain their cities, they must rely on slaves for the upkeep of their realms. Since almost all of these slaves have been brought up in the particular atmosphere of the Gray Elves, they believe that their lot in life is to serve the Gray Elves. Although some do leave, most do not have the spirit to do so. Many are truly happy performing tasks for their masters and would not dream of departing. The stratified society offers them security and comfort.
Gray Elves are not harsh taskmasters, but neither are they forgiving. When a slave fails in a task or performs it poorly, punishment is swift and to the point. Few make the same mistake twice.
Gray Elves society is among the most rigidly defined in any world. They are ruled by a hereditary monarch, always male and generally a mage, who can be succeeded by any of the other members of the House Royal. This is subject to approval by a majority of the House Noble. The ruler must have all decisions ratified by such a majority.
Beneath these two Houses are the Merchant Houses, of which the Guild Houses are a part. The House Protector is equal to the Merchant Houses. Beneath the Merchant Houses are the Servitor Houses. Beneath them are the casteless elves, who have almost no voice in Gray Elves society.




Racial Traits

• -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence
• Base land speed of 30 feet.
• Low-Light Vision
• Immunity to sleep effects
• +2 racial bonus on saving throws against Enchantment spells or effects.
• +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks.
• Automatic Searching: Passing within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door entitles you to a free Search check, as if you were actively looking for it
• Favored Class: Wizard

Vital Statistics

Regional Feats

Communicator, Insightful, Spell Hand, Elf Dilettante, Focused Mind, Font of Life, Elflore, Greyhawk Method, Heir of Lendore, Noble Soul, Sagacious Method, Silent Method, Well Read, Favored of the Companions, Knight of Stars, Nimbus of Light, Nymph’s Kiss, Servant of the Heavens, Arcane Schooling, Cosmopolitan, Magic in the Blood, Spellwise, Gift Of Tongues, Theocrat, Research, Honor-Bound, Education, Unquenchable Flame of Life, Blessed

Regional Weapons

Alchemy Blade, Courtblade – Elven, Dagger, Dart, Double Bow, Glaive, Greatbow – Composite, Guisarme, Javelin, Lajatang, Longbow – Composite, Longsword, Quarterstaff, Ranseur, Rapier, Shortbow – Composite, Sword – Two Bladed, Sword – Short, Sword Cane – Dagger / Rapier, Thinblade – Elvish, Lightblade - Elven

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