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• Base land speed of 30 feet.
• Luminous Sigils (Su): The sigils that orbit your head glow softly, providing illumination equal to that of a candle.
• Glyphic Resonance (Ex): You interact strangely with symbol-based spells.
• Power Sigils (Su): One or more of your sigils glows brightly and provides certain bonuses.
• Illumian Words (Su): Combinations of power sigils make an Illumian word of great power granting extra abilities.
• Final Utterance (Ex): At death your body releases the stored Illumian language for 1 round per Hit Die.
• +2 racial bonus on saves vs spells with the shadow descriptor.
• Superior Literacy: Illumians are always literate. Speak Language is always a class skill.
• Favored Class: Any

Illumian live mainly in Tatsuo

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