Kobolds are kind of found all over, pretty much anywhere that has caves and areas that are a bit isolated. The mountain range between sclavini and righnach have several tribes of kobolds (and a few of giants). They are also very common in the Southern Desert. Kobolds are a bit divided due to their subraces, Ice Kobolds live in the un-named icy regions, Desert Kobolds in the Southern Desert, Swamp Kobolds in itotia, and 'normal' Kobolds in the mountains. In spite of that, kobolds due consider themselves to be all one people and there is surprisingly little warfare between the kobold tribes. Some dragons (of various brands) have gathered tribes of kobolds to them due to the kobold tendency to treat dragons almost worshipfully. They have their own brand of civilization, but prefer mainly to be left alone. Since kobolds don't really see a problem in eating the meat from any of their kills, they have a rather undeserved reputation as vicious killers and eaters of sentient beings. The reality is more they just don't see a reason to waste meat and feel that it's more honorable to eat a kill than let it rot. They also believe that they take in part of the essence of their prey when they eat it, and thus are stronger for having killed and eaten someone strong. Kobolds claim they were the original inventors of the crossbow and that the humans stole the idea from them. Kobolds lament that they too could build great cities if the other races would just stop burning them down. Partly for this reason, kobolds really, really, really hate giants.

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