Ranged Weapon Properties
Book Item Effect Additional Bonus
M28 Acidic burst As corrosive, extra acid damage on critical hit 1
D223 Anarchic +2d6 damage against lawful creatures 2
M28 Aquan Extra benefits against creatures with fire subtype 2
M28 Aquatic Freedom of movement underwater 2,000
M28 Arcane might Sacrifice spell use for extra damage on next bow attack; bows only 1
M28 Auran Extra benefits against creatures with earth subtype 2
D223 Axiomatic +2d6 damage against chaotic creatures 2
D224 Bane +2 bonus, +2d6 damage against one type of creature 1
M28 Banishing 3/day banish struck creature back to its home plane 2
M29 Binding 2/day dimensional anchor on target for 10 minutes 1
M29 Blessed Cains some bless weapon traits 1
M29 Blindsighted 3/day gain blindsight out to 30 ft. for 1 minute 2
M30 Bodyfeeder Gain temporary hp equal to half damage dealt by critical hits 3
D224 Brilliant energy Sheds light, ignores armor bonuses to AC and nonliving matter 4
M31 Collision +5 damage on each successful attack 2
M31 Consumptive +1d8 damage against living creatures 2
M31 Corrosive +1d6 acid damage 1
M31 Cursespewing On critical hit, bestows curse for 1 minute 3
M32 Deadly precision +1d6 damage on sneak attack or sudden strike 1
M32 Dessicating +1d4 damage, +1d8 damage to plants and water elementals 1
M32 Dessicating burst As desiccating, extra desiccating damage on critical hit 1
M32 Disarming +2 on disarm attempts, you cannot be disarmed 2
M32 Dislocator 3/day struck target teleported up to 10 ft. 1
M33 Dislocator, great 3/day struck target teleported up to 30 ft. 1
M33 Dispelling 3/day struck target subject to dispel magic 1
M33 Dispelling, greater 3/day struck target subject to greater dispel magic 1
D224 Distance Double range increment 1
M33 Divine wrath Expend turn undead use to imbue weapon with divine power 1
M33 Domineering Struck target shaken for 1 minute 2
M33 Doom burst On critical hit, target shaken for 5 rounds 2
M33 Dragonhunter Dragon target takes 1 Str damage, critical hit multiplier increases against dragons; projectile weapons only 1
M34 Energy aura +1d6 damage of energy type of choice 2
M34 Enervating On critical hit, bestow one negative level on living target for 1 hour 2
M34 Everbright 2/day blinding effect, weapon is immune to acid damage and rusting 2,000
M35 Fiercebane As bane, extra benefits against bane type or subtype 1
D224 Flaming +1d6 fire damage 1
D224 Flaming burst +1d6 fire damage, extra fire damage on critical hit 2
M35 Force Turns projectiles into force attacks; projectile weapons only 2
D224 Frost +1d6 cold damage 1
M36 Heavenly burst On critical hit, +3d6 damage and blinding effect to evil creatures 1
M36 Hideaway Collapses to two size categories smaller, easy to conceal 2,000
D225 Holy +2d6 damage against evil creatures 2
M36 Hunting +4 on weapon damage rolls against favored enemies 1
D225 Icy burst +1d6 frost damage, extra cold damage on critical hit 2
M36 Ignan Extra benefits against creatures with water subtype 2
M36 Illuminating Bright illumination to 20 ft., shadowy illumination to 40 ft. 500
M36 Illusion bane 1/day destroy illusions, ignore miss chance from illusion effects 1
M37 Illusion theft As illusion bane, 1/day steal illusions 2
M37 Impact Double threat range; bludgeoning weapons only 1
M37 Impedance Impedes struck target's ability to create spell effects 2
M37 Implacable Target loses 2 hp/round for 5 rounds 3
M38 Knockback 3/day pushes back target 5 ft. 1
M38 Lucky 1/day reroll one failed attack roll 1
M38 Magebane Extra benefits against arcane spellcasters, invokers 1
M38 Maiming On critical hit, deal extra damage based on critical multiplier 1
M38 Manifester 1/day draw 5 power points from weapon when manifesting power 12,000
D225 Merciful +1d6 damage, all damage is nonlethal on command 1
M38 Metalline Change composition to adamantine, silver, cold iron, or steel 2
M39 Mindcrusher Struck psionic target loses power points, nonpsionic target takes Wis damage 2
M39 Mindfeeder Gain 1 temporary power point per 5 points of critical hit damage dealt 1
M39 Morphing Can become any melee or thrown weapon of same size and type; thrown weapons only 1
M39 Paralytic burst On critical hit, target paralyzed for 1 round 2
M40 Parrying +1 to AC, +1 on saves 2
M40 Power storing Stores single targeted power of up to 5 power points 1
M40 Precise Shoot or throw into melee without -4 penalty 1
M40 Prismatic burst On critical hit, target subject to prismatic spray 30,000
M40 Profane +1d6 damage to living creatures, various evil-themed abilities 1
M40 Profane burst As profane, on critical hit, extra negative energy and Con damage 1
M41 Psibane Extra benefits against psionic creatures 2
M41 Psychic Gains enhancement bonus based on power point reserve 2
M41 Psychokinetic burst As psychokinetic, extra force damage on critical hit 1
D225 Returning Returns to thrower 1
M42 Revealing Struck target subject to faerie fire 1
M41 s Psychokinetic +1d4 force damage 1
M41 s Quick loading Reload quickly, store 100 bolts in extradimensional space; crossbows only 1
M42 s Screaming +1d4 sonic damage 1
D225 s Seeking Negate any miss chances 1
M44 S Spellstrike Transfer enhancement bonus to saves against spells or spell-like abilities 1
M44 s Stunning surge +1 Cha bonus times per day, target stunned for 1 round 1
M45 S Terran Extra benefits against creatures of air subtype 2
M42 Sacred +1d6 damage to undead or +2d6 to evil outsider, good-aligned for overcoming DR 1
M42 Sacred burst As sacred, extra positive energy and Cha damage on critical hit 1
M42 Screaming burst As screaming, extra sonic damage on critical hit 1
M43 Shadowstrike 1/day add 5 ft. to reach and deny target Dex bonus to AC 5,000
M43 Shattermantle Struck target's spell resistance reduced by 2 for 1 round 1
D225 Shock +1d6 electricity damage 1
D225 Shocking burst +1d6 electricity, extra electricity damage on critical hit 2
M43 Sizing Changes size category on command 5,000
M43 Slow burst On critical hit, target slowed for 3 rounds 5,000
M43 Soulbound Stores up to 2 points of essentia for enhancement bonuses 1
M43 Soulbound, greater Stores up to 4 points of essentia for enhancement bonuses 2
M44 Soulbreaker As enervating, negative levels from enervating property might be permanent 1
D225 Speed Extra attack with full attack 3
M44 Stunning As screaming, struck target stunned for 1 round on critical hit 1
M44 Stygian 3/day next attack bestows negative level on target for 10 minutes 1
D225 Thundering Deals sonic damage, deafens on critical hit 1
M45 Transmuting Transforms to overcome target's damage reduction 2
D225 Unholy +2d6 damage against good creatures 2
M45 Venomous 3/day coat weapon in poison dealing ld4 initial and secondary Str damage 1
M46 Warning +5 on initiative 1
M46 Weakening On critical hit, target takes -4 to its Strength 1
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