Raw Materials
Item Cost Per Description
Actar 300 Pound Amber colored crystal, literally the crystalized remnants of the poisonous breath weapon some creature used.
Arcanum 600 Pound Extremely magickal golden metal, used by Elven arch-mages to make magical items
Blackcoral 0.6 Pound A stone found in the ocean, similar in property to obsidian
Bloodsteel 50 Pound Steel slaked in the blood of a sentient during its forging. The steel is tinged red. Possession of bloodsteel is a heinous crime in many areas.
Blueleaf 1 Pound Brilliant blue hardwood
Bluesteel 20 Pound A dark blue high quality metal, secrets of which are only known to dwarven mastersmiths.
Cuprum 300 Pound An alchemic metal, coppery in color. Only formed through alchemic processes, is highly prized in the discipline of alchemy and in ritualistic magick.
Darksteel 50 Pound Black metal, magickal in nature. Strongly tied to dark magic, the metal often appears to be a black void, a hole or a tear in the fabric of reality.
Darkwood 0.06 Pound Dark gray hardwood
Drathian 80 Pound A dull gray metal, very hard to forge.
Emiel 75 Pound A brilliant pure white metal
Grimsilver 500 Pound Dark grey metal, only found where the veil between worlds is thin and tainted by chaos and darkness.
Luminar 500 Pound A pale gold metal, naturally luminescent. Infused with light and the essense of order.
Moonsilver 600 Pound A glimmering pale silver metal, slightly luminous.
Morbius 0.8 Pound A dark green quartz-like stone. Like flint, can be chipped to make razor-sharp edges.
Orichalcum 1000 Pound A dark golden metal, inherently magickal. Prized by mages as it is one of the most resiliant magickal metals known.
Runesilver 15 Pound Silvery-white metal
Shadowglass 40 Pound Grayish-black translucent metal does not reflect light, instead it draws light into itself, deepening the shadows around it.
Shardwood 0.6 Pound Wood sometimes used for arrows due to its habit of shattering into many wickedly sharp pieces upon impact
Starsteel 750 Pound An ore found in fallen stars. It is mirror-like when polished and is naturally a bluish-silver color.
Steelwood 1 Pound Hardwood similar in strength to steel.
Winterstone 30 Pound Pure white metal that never warms to the touch
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