Abberation Pantheon
Diety Alignment Portfolio Domains Favored Weapon
Ategnyi LE Knowledge, Experimentation
Boa-zscharu NE Filth, Decay, Disease
Cy-nda LE Mind, Domination, Tyranny
Dhathothomi LE Alchemy
Gt-yac NE Pain, Suffering, Cruelty
Hakehag CE The Deep
Hoatt-nyudacl CE Bloodlust, Hunger
Hoscara NE Darkness
Kelogyg NE Slime, Ooze
Loarni-cazoll NE Evil, Nightmares
Lothothurua NE Immortality, Undeath
Niqulalo-aab LE The Hive Mind
Oteichoghole CE Lies, Deceit
Ra-rla NE Magic
Uaakraan CE Fear, Terror, Panic
Zharhll NE Poison


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