The Elvish Pantheon
Diety Alignment Portfolio Domains Weapon
Tithrandil LG Elves, Light, Creation Good, Law, Protection, Sun, Creation, Elf, Celestial
Githrambor N Magic Knowledge, Magic, Illusion, Mind, Spell, Summoner
Isadriembor LN Wisdom, Learning, Knowledge Knowledge, Craft, Creation, Mind, Planning, Rune
Legárith LG Honor, Justice, Law, Duty Law, Good, Protection, Community, City, Pride
Belóril LN Crafts, Artifice Fire, Earth, Knowledge, Water, Craft, Metal
Celorion LE Evil, Darkness, Chaos Destruction, Evil, Chaos, Darkness, Corruption, Diabolic
Elil-Gawen LN Literature, Scribes, Language, Philosophy
Fáriand LN War, Strategy
Galuviel LN Time, History, Fate
Nadriendir CE Undead, Evil Magic, Betrayl
Tinilmar CG Music, Art, Poetry
Celebriwyn NG Spring, Fertility, Birth, Rain, Hope
Eärólindë CG Love, Beauty, Romance
Elvóldur LN Summer, Wealth, Trade
Gliolindë LN Agriculture, Harvest, Autumn
Lómundil N Nature, Animals, Plants, Weather
Lómywyn NE Murder, Lies, Strife, Deception
Nebrilad CN Vengeance, Battle
Urithramir NE Disease, Poison, Curses
Anadrier CN Mischief, Change, Rebellion
Celyrion N Archery, Hunting, Survival
Delál N Dreams, Mystism, Transendence, Winter
Radriemir NE Thieves, Greed
Tithralas N Exploration, Travel
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