The Goblin Pantheon
Diety Alignment Portfolio Domains Favored Weapon
Bsor CE Bloodlust, Battle
Dgutek CE Cowardice
Dmuzan CE Cruelty, Pain, Insanity, Torture
Gusd CE Massacres, Slaughter, Cannabilism, Mutilation
Kazn LE Retribution, Law, Thunder
Ktux LE Tyranny, Conquest
Mdutk N Family, Tribe, Children, Defense, Protection
Mesz N Fire, Creation, Crafts
Mgekr N Healing, Fertility, Plants
Rutozb N War
Sdegom CN Hunting, Savagery
Sebz CE Destruction, Mayhem
Tsumk N Ice, Mountains
Xnakom N Survival, Nature
Zorubk CE Ambush
Zretk N Prophecy, Weather


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